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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by michael4321, 13 November 2012.

  1. michael4321

    michael4321 Champions League

    15 November 2010
    Game from 2007


    I found this game accidentaly and I have to say I left FIFA13, PESes, other.
    As you can see game is so realistic. I test gameplay but after 20-30 games I have to say it is masterpiece. Also graphic is very good, as you can see many things are better than in all football games including new fifa new pes:
    -Bernabeu stadium has crowd just behind goals (in fifa13 again crowd is 100m away);
    -Other stadiums are more realistic than in new fifa pes;
    -Great lights on stadium;
    -Great flags etc.;
    -Great graphic of faces;
    -Adboards and CL atmosphere;
    -CL tournament - what more should we expect! this is highest level of football (I hate that there is no CL in fifa and in pes it is stupid to play CL because gameplay is so fu**ed up);
    -Great actions which are close to reality;
    -Great camera Broadcast, with zoom move and angle like in tv;
    -CPU is not becoming 11 Messis when you score goal;
    -If you want to break players leg you will do it not like in fifa;
    -Normal free kicks (you can score them - not like in fifa once/20 shots);
    I know it is game from other decade, but, why it was not developed (new squads, new turfs etc). I have to say this is my No. 1 today.
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  2. Leo Messi

    Leo Messi UEFA Champions League

    5 March 2012
    Trinidad and Tobago
    FC Barcelona
    Yeah this was an awesome game, I had it for PS2 :) Reading this has made me feel to play it again, so I'm downloading it to play on my laptop. Think it'll work?

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