EA: Medal of Honor

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Radiation, 14 December 2009.

  1. Radiation

    Radiation Golden Boot Winner

    6 February 2006
    Newcastle United
  2. Milanista

    Milanista Mangiamoli! Staff

    19 December 2002
    London & Milan
    AC Milan
    Looks awesome! Nice to see they're following COD's direction in being a story-based modern war game.
  3. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    Used to love them back in the day. Always a must buy game. Enjoyed very much popping heads on that game.
  4. Dusse

    Dusse Banned

    23 January 2006
    Stockholm, Sweden
    The fact that Dice will be responsible for the online part of the game makes it very interesting, as they are far better than Inifinity Ward to balance it well. Hopefully it will be good.. (and please some innovation, for gods sake).

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