EA Expands Copy Protection, blocks game working

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Radiation, 11 May 2008.

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    EA Expands Copy Protection

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    meh, its for pc titles. They always get cracked anyway!
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    I know Sony patented the rights to the technology for a console to read a game disk and not allow it to work on another machine thus killing the used game industry
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    That never happened


    This whole rumor started because people are completely miss reading/interpreting the patent. The parts in bold are what I want everyone to focus on. "Legitimate Software" is refering to copies of software that have been purchased at retail outlets at one point or another. The "Machine Table" they are refering to is a table that lists all licensed Sony software in Sony's On/Offline database. Now the important part; the "Resale" and underlined "So-Called" are refering to pirated software. They are not talking about legitimate resell (used) software that hasn't been pirated. I will further prove this below. As you all know there is a big difference.

    *Note* This patent deals with the above for software manufactured by Sony only. It is how the device & recording software for this invention work that effect not only the PS3 but the PC and PSP as well.

    *Note* The underlined part is where this whole rumor started. If you read it a couple times and process the information you will understand what it really says. It is talking about the reselling of pirated software from a pc user's media burner that used legitimate software and selling multiple copies.

    When you actually read the patent you get a little more insite on to what it is they were/are actually trying to achieve. This patent deals the invention of a very secure "disk recorder" and "recording process" to prevent piracy. Again you must read the patent a couple times to understand what the underlined passage is saying. If Sony's On/Offline database (mentioned above) verify's that the software you have purchased (used/2nd hand) is/was pirated it will not work period (this includes the legal software); BUT if the used/2nd hand software you purchased hasn't been pirated according to Sony's database then you won't have any problems what-so-ever using it.

    The only way to bypass this is to never hook your computer, PSP, or PS3 to the internet. Otherwise any Sony software that is deemed pirated will not work. How would this work in the PS3? If Sony's console has a flashable chip inside of it (like the PSP) everytime you access the internet the first thing it would do is update the chip with new information on any found/reported pirated software. If the code that was burned onto the disc at the time of manufacturing matches any on the chip, it would render the disc useless. Again this would only effect used software that has been pirated, not......I repeat not those who haven't.

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