Dutch legend Michels dies.

Discussion in 'Football' started by loz, 3 March 2005.

  1. loz

    loz Guest

    The man credited with developing the concept of Total Footbal has passed away at the age of 71. Full story.

  2. footieBalla

    footieBalla Guest

    says 77 in the article,but it doesnt matter. sad loss for the football world

  3. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    Arguably the best coach ever...
    I begin to salivate if i only tink about his Ajax team of the early '70's, his Holland team in 1974 and that of 1988....
  4. distefano

    distefano Conference

    16 May 2002
    arcade holland
    Best coach of the last century... Rest in peace and many, many thanks for giving me (and us) the proper mentality for when it comes to football. Beauty & hard play...
  5. pk9

    pk9 Did you Say BOOTS - Pk

    9 January 2004
    in the boots thread
    Lille, de oranje!
    A real master at work R.I.P
  6. joostebrood

    joostebrood Premiership

    4 March 2002
    Great coach, funny man as well
  7. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Great manager, and that Dutch team in the late 80s where just magical to watch.


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