Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by necro-1000, 1 March 2006.

  1. necro-1000

    necro-1000 Guest

    What dribbling can one do in PES 5? I have seen a video on google videos and this guy used rooney and hit the goal post 9 times! How could he have managed that?
  2. TheChacal

    TheChacal Non-League

    23 February 2004
    No way :(. It' s a fake;)
  3. necro-1000

    necro-1000 Guest

    Well, it doesn't look like its fake! Anyhow, another question to add, is there some easy way to score a goal from far away? I mean I watch clips in which they score goals from far away, lobbing the keeper like cookies!
  4. jonno33

    jonno33 Guest

    the best way to score from distance, is to hit the power bar about 3/4 of the way up from about 25-30 yards...and at a slight angle from goal...pointing towards the d on the edge of area....hope this helps...
  5. necro-1000

    necro-1000 Guest

    Yeah thats fine form close range, but I meant shots from really far away, like 3/4 of the half. You can train it in situation training! Still, thanks for the help jonno!
  6. bloodwizard

    bloodwizard Non-League

    7 September 2003
    If u wanna score from distance press square till half of the meter or more,then press back or the opposite direction of the opponents goal.
  7. Henrik

    Henrik PES-addict

    13 February 2006
    So after the shot pressing not towards the goal but just to the other direction will make a high-lifted shot?
  8. R4Pt0r->C

    R4Pt0r->C Number 7

    24 February 2006
    Sporting Clube Portugal
    yap i see that to but i dont believe in that probably he have a patch in the game and he probably plays against a weak time and with one star of difficulrty!!!;)
  9. necro-1000

    necro-1000 Guest

    Well it gets you the initial screens and the difficulty setting, although those could be fake aswell, I try not to say that they are fake immediately hehe! I am happy I managed to find so much help, normally on other forums people don't help so much!
  10. bigger21aus

    bigger21aus Guest

    This years dribbling system is much more like real life, so if you want to keep the ball more often make sure your first touch is away from the feet of your nearest oponent.

    Simple and sounds obvious I know but you must also take into consideration each players attributes for dribbling, if the player has a high dribble speed and technique then you can more often get away with turning into an opponent than a slower player etc.
  11. pesnifan

    pesnifan League 1

    5 February 2006
    Northern Ireland
    Its fake you can see that he has used 'play again' button over and over. Quite sad if you ask me.

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