Do you want to play a game, or do you want to play football?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Rooney10, 30 January 2011.

  1. Rooney10

    Rooney10 Championship

    10 November 2006
    this game is actually so deep and has so much depth, if, and only if, you play it like how it should be play, like how you'd play real football.

    i love my real football to be like Arsenal's, short passes, and we even do that in real life when we play against other guys. so I recently started playing online with my mate, either the 2 of us against AI online or we just head to the match lobby and wait for either 1 or 2 guys to join our room.

    the thing I'm saiying about this game, is just that, we can play it JUST the way we want to play in real life. fantastic. we can control the pace, even if the other twat is using Spain/Barcelona. or we can start off a quick move if we want it. let me give you guys an example. we played 3 games last night against people online, and finally a last one against AI together.

    first things first, the first match we took Uruguay and the other guy took Japan (it's WE2011 so most of them are Japs). the two of them started hurrying and pressing us around. we just kept our cool, passed the ball around. honda got them a goal on the break just before half-time. nonetheless, like our experience in real life, we knew we had to keep our cool and started spraying the passes around once again when the second half began. that is not to say, we're doing the weird ping-pong passing. we take one-two touches, turn around and pass it around. fantastic football. we had chances, suarez and forlan guilty of missing a couple one-on-ones. and all of a sudden, in the 75-80th minute, perreira got the ball, nicked it around a couple of defenders and laid a nice through-ball into the penalty box to suarez, who although was drifting wide away from the area, took an early shot, which went by the keeper and into the top corner. wonderful effort. and like they said, evil always loses in the end? (by evil, i mean the constant pressuring, through-passes again and again). we got a lucky corner in the 90th minute. forlan drifted it out right smack into the middle of the area, and suarez had the audacity to chest, bring the ball down, before quickly side-footing it into the corner. 2-1 win. wonderful start to the night.

    back to the match room, one of the guys has had enough of us, leaves, and thus leaves the other guy on his own. surprisingly, he took Italy while we tried Chile out. again, we had the better start, calming ourselves down with simple passing around, from the rb, cb, dmf, amc, and back, again and again. simple, sublime, made the game look like a real-life world-cup match. on the break again, he gets a corner, and scores from an unmarked header at the back-post. fair-play to him, good heder, but our keeper fumbled it into the net, literally. but who's to say you don't see top keepers like cech and van der sar making bloopers these days huh?
    we kept our cool, and lucky for us, RIGHT before the ht whistle, we score our own header from a corner. nice near post chip, while we got one of our defenders glancing the ball right pass the keeper and the last-man. 1-1 at the break. the 2nd half, both teams had chances, although to be fair, we had much of the possession and were passing it around. if you didn't know it was a game, you'd have mistaken it for a real-life football match! somehow, we didn't create many one-on-ones and both teams held on to go 1-1 into extra-time. in the extra-time, we decided to pump sanchez just slightly up, right behind suazo. in the 103rd minute, we sent a rare long ball into the box and the opposition was definitely taken by surprise, didn't know what to do, tried a few clearances. the ball somehow dropped to one of our attacking midfielders. he brought the ball down before lashing in, a weak shot, to be fair. and what do you have? the ball deflects off their sweeper, who's right in front of the keeper. the ball trickles into the net! goal! we decide to play the first half extra time out before withdrawing our only striker suazo right at the start of the 2nd half in extra time. we brought in an extra defender and brought one of our AMC into DMC position. do you blame us? we just wanted to see the match out. we just played the ball around. whilst, he constantly hit the 'X' button to hope for a glimmer of a mistake. were we about to let this match drift from us? no way. we played out the 2nd half with him maybe getting less than 10 touches on the ball while we created a couple of chances on the break. we had a good opportunity right before the end, but instead of running towards goal, we decided to head to the corner flag. reminds one of Alan Shearer? whistle blows, we take the win, and expectantly, the macau guy, fumes and leaves the match room.

    in the midst of our celebration by texts, we have another guy coming in. fine, we're on a roll. let's give it another shout-out shall we. we head into the selection, my cursor is right on a small Europe team, forgotten who. he shifts his cursor to Spain. we knew what he was going to be up to. he wanted Barcelona, too bad I only allowed national teams. i think playing through the early morning 4-6am might have been the reason we got only one Spain/Barcelona player in 3 matches. fine, we headed to Argentina. you have your torres-villa, we'll give you a taste of your own medicine in tevez and messi. the match was quicker than we expected, the constant pressuring all over again. our mascherano, wasn't giving iniesta and torres-villa much space. mash started to gain more confidence and started to play the ball up ahead to veron, who of course with his fantastic technical ability, laid a few good passes, high and low out wide to maxi and di maria who had the quick messi on the counter. i don't remember how we got the first goal, but I remember us getting it early on. and we started using the midfield pair mash and veron a whole lot. the moment we score, we got more confidence, started passing balls short and also across field. one reached messi, who with a quick drop of the shoulder beat 2 men, without much pace, and took a long shot that casillas could only punch straight to tevez who could've taken a touch to bring it down before tapping home, but he decides to slam home with a volley! 2-0! we're cruising! fantastic. 2nd half, villa and torres try using their pace once again. we try something new, messi and tevez come off for the bigger higuain and the smaller aguero. not too long later, after a nice slow passing move, we hoof it to higuian who drops into the midfield position after a position switch with aguero who we actually deployed to right midfield. higuian gives a sublime hight through-ball right into the edge of the area. casillas comes but misses and ageuro slams it home with a volley. 3-0! Spain are going down! the last 10 minutes were great once again. we brought in new centre backs for the aging defensive legs and see the match out, without much trouble.

    a great 3 matches, probably the best since we got the game 3 mths back. the last game, we took Uruguay to play Honduras against the AI. who's to say it was an easy game? it wasn't had to come back to nick a 3-1 win in extra time. but great match of football nonetheless.

    i think the whole point of the day was, those guys wanted to play a game, but we wanted to play football. simple as that, and we did indeed play football, in all those four 15 minute matches. i can finally say, after so many years, pes6 can finally rest in peace now.

    i think klash and jimmy will like this post, very much. have a good February everyone.
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  2. Jimmy G-Force

    Jimmy G-Force Resident PES Fanman

    13 April 2003
    Middlesbrough F.C.
    I liked it, good show. :)
  3. CalcioCalabrese

    CalcioCalabrese Weekend warrior

    29 November 2010
    Adelaide United
    great enthusiasm. i too have those pinnacles. even losing ive played some fantastic games, especially against dream teams. nice post mate.
  4. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    Nothing beats real football.
    I really like games like PES and FIFA, but it's far from the thrill you get when you score a goal IRL (for example).
    A mode like BAL is supposed to emulate this feeling, but (although i like that mode) it is very far from the real thing.
    The most immersive CPU game concerning football is Football Manager, but that is because i'm a coach myself.
  5. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
    cool story bro..

    honda is scoring :APPLAUD:

    but again u will have games where the noobs gona take the win
    question of time that is
    and i dont mean just a silly game where u are not concentrated or just loose after many many wins and u deserve it
    i mean a dirty konami scripted game
    made that experience in 2v2, first u beat everyone with japan/atletico/lazio.. and then konami wants to kill your series
    always the same..
    thats what i meant in some other thread, for football playing players this game has to offer just 2 scenarios:total domination and second is dirty losses
  6. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    What did i tell you before. Online 2 vs 2 don't play 10 minute matches because the AI isn't as good man. (plus the FUCKING LAG)

    You can't have a realistic match in 10 mintues. As soon as you get settled the half is over!

    Play 15 or 25-30 minutes it's a different game just in that respect!
  7. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
    yes i know that, but none plays like that online

    they even moaned bout 15 :D

    i cant play alone u know, we all depend on all that other players online
    and they almost all suck tbh
    sad truth
    things changed since 08 so badly...

    i wud take the dirty losses but the domination gets booring after like 3 weeks
    u meet online with your 2v2 mate the evening and every day the same
    i just cant take it lol
    and the ai offline plays better and more real footy than any opponents online so why shud i play like that
    sad sad..
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  8. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    There should be people onlie willing to play at least 15 mintue matches or +

    Yes, that's really games in general. Games have gone commercial with the boom of online compatibility with the xbox 360/PS3 where as in the PS2 ea online was something only few ever tried really.

    So the growth of these 'noobs' and 'exploiters' etc.. has infested every game. nothing anyone can do really. no matter if PES 2012 which should be brilliant improves collisions etc.. 10 will NEVER be a realsitic simulation of football! It can be better than it is now but not by much my friend.

    Agree, everyone has their own vision really. and you can' do nothing about these guys. the problem for me is i can beat them without too much trouble but i have to use the big teams (Inter, AC, Arsenal) to nullify their Madrid or Barca
  9. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
    on 010 i cud at least make a lot of draws with teams like genoa and take my points :D

    but on 011 i tried several tier 2 kinda teams and it went bad..
    im not taking tier 1 teams to get my points
    on 2v2 u can do it coz there is less ai and u have your mate but as i said it gets boring to see these barcas do the same everytime..

    the gap between a good and bad player is too small, and the advantage to play with a big team is too big
    u already have the better stats of the players, the better teamwork values etc...
    but on 011 the ref is biased towards the better team and most of the rebounds go for them etc....
    its just too much

    stuff like where he is under pressure and only can kick the ball out every time(shoot button), but this kickd out ball kinda always goes to ibrahimovic if hes playing with milan
    stuff like that
    why shud i mess with manual passes etc. just kick the ball out lol
    konami needs to delete this things or noobs dont even try to learn

    i gona start ml offline with 20 min matches and lodmixer + speeder + my own gameplay OF
    just waitin for the next kitserver version and some patch after the transfer deadline
    i hope this will bring me back joy in pes
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