Do you have to press anything to save when you are in a penalty ?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by cchong2000, 1 June 2009.

  1. cchong2000

    cchong2000 Non-League

    12 May 2004
    I ask this because I am now playing goal keeper in become a legend mode.
    I can save the shoot by using the arrows key, but I cant hold the ball when dealing with some easy shots.

    hope sum1 could help me !
    thanks in advane
  2. tc811

    tc811 Resident Evo-Web Retard

    9 January 2008
    United States
    Arsenal FC
    how are you playing GK in BaL?
  3. cchong2000

    cchong2000 Non-League

    12 May 2004
    by a cheating software
  4. battleboar

    battleboar Non-League

    30 September 2007
    what do i need to do to play with GK in BAL?
  5. spektarm

    spektarm Premier League

    6 October 2006
    Manchester United
    If this is really true that you are playing BaL as a GK with some kind of a 3rd party application probably it's the reason that not everything works right.
  6. Inactive Member

    Inactive Member Banned

    20 May 2009
    I have the same application. Unfortunately, it is only available to KONAMI beta testers like me. Works great for me though. Best part is when your team loses and you win a corner kick in the stoppage time. I have scored a goal this way and saved my team. This will probably be available in PES 2010 for all users and not just us.
  7. Inactive Member

    Inactive Member Banned

    20 May 2009
    Did you find the solution?
  8. qaazar

    qaazar Conference

    20 February 2006
    Manchester United
    Hahah... 8D even though i think this is just bull**** i would never play as a keeper in BAL, just keep staring at your player, walking around the goalkeepers area ;> And if you are lucky the CPU maybe shoots... Nah ;/
  9. Inactive Member

    Inactive Member Banned

    20 May 2009
    It is a new feature that will be introduced in PES 2010. The GK will be able to make saves and give directions to his teammates. He will also be able to choose where to send his passes and in case he is the captain, he will be able to talk to the referee.

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