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DMF wants to be CMF

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Reggie Rasta, 27 November 2006.

  1. Reggie Rasta

    Reggie Rasta Non-League

    6 June 2006
    My DMF tends to push forward to the edge or even into my opponents box at times. Not sticking to his holding role as in previous pes games. It doesn`t seem to matter or not if he has a max defence level, back arrow, positioned really deep or how many DMF. Also this is not anything to do with reaction star or high aggression rating, even claude Makelele wants to be a cmf.

    In PES 5 the Important holding player stuck to his guns, doing what i wanted sitting just in front of the defence breaking up attacks. In Evo 6 it seems to me the DMF just wants to be a CMF just like Stevie Gerrard did for england sometimes when in this role. The DMF runs forward leaving just defenders back and a huge gap to exploit.

    A few people have commented on this to me so anyone who has solved this, please post and let me and the others know why this happens.

  2. jonestm

    jonestm Guest

    Haven't noticed this at all tbh. It's the side backs that piss me off, they're either right next to the cb or in the opp. half.
  3. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    Is it happening with all DMFs or just one particular one?

    What's the balance between your DMF's attack and defend attributes? Also, what's his aggression stat like? Maybe if he has a high attack and aggression attribute, he just wants to score goals.

    As for wayward SBs, change their role to CB, even if they are naturally a SB, just call them a CB, and they act more like a CB and stay put in a back line. You can also set defensive line to A (or is it C) and your defenders will just hang around the 18 yard box and not stray forward - you'll need to position them quite far forward though otherwise they'll sit VERY deep, leaving a big gap between them and the midfield, and also use a DM to fill the anchorman hole in MF.
  4. Grunge

    Grunge Non-League

    17 November 2005
    If yer team instructions are set on counter attack, 90% of the time when you steal the ball he'll join the attack.
  5. Ugeine

    Ugeine League 2

    1 October 2003
    I'd have thought it was something to do with how deep your defensive line is.
  6. Grunge

    Grunge Non-League

    17 November 2005
    It depends on his positioning and stuff like that aswell. If you're using him on man mark for example, he's not going to be on the DMF position, as he'll be chasing down his player with or without the ball. Individual instructions, etc.

    BUT if you use counter attack at the team strategy, he IS going to join the attack every time you'll retain possession. But depending on individual instructions he's going to push up to a certain area of the pitch and stop there. CMF in the case.

    Of course, if you play a deep defensive line he's going to be near your area most of the time. If you play an advanced line then he's going to be CMF. On the attack instructions you can give him a back arrow tho, and on the defense instructions you can put him on high. That's likely to stop him from attacking, if not fully, partly.
    Last edited: 27 November 2006
  7. Ugeine

    Ugeine League 2

    1 October 2003
    Are you controlling the teams attacking/defence levels? If you leave it on the default semi auto then you might want to defend but the attacking levels will be quite high.
  8. Grunge

    Grunge Non-League

    17 November 2005
    I change instructions manually. I play a deep defensive line away from home and i play advanced on home ground. I put a back arrow on the attack instructions for the DMF so once i have the ball he'll track back to provide some cover, usually for my full-backs.

    I play a DMF and 2 CMF's, and they're set on normal defending and have forward and back arrows in each one of them, so if i lose the ball i've still got a CMF to cover the DMF position and the DMF to cover for one of the defenders.

    The attack/defence levels are on semi-auto. I feel they suit the game situations quite well. If i'm desperate for a result i set the attack setting to auto-attack.
    Last edited: 28 November 2006
  9. KJK1LL3R

    KJK1LL3R League 2

    1 April 2005
    I hate the side back problems! They never mark the opposition wingers & are always miles out of position! How do Konami game testers miss out on these types of things?
  10. Reggie Rasta

    Reggie Rasta Non-League

    6 June 2006
    I seem to have solved it some how i think i may have choose a quick setting or something, also i often changed formation in a manual straegy and the DMF ran off

    Thanks for suggestions fellas
  11. Reggie Rasta

    Reggie Rasta Non-League

    6 June 2006

    FB`s really are mad mate, they cant decide when to run forwards or backwards or stand still with any consistancy.
  12. Alucard

    Alucard Guest

    When in the formation menu, go to individual and set the players defense as high. You will see on the rader screen in the menu the player change from light blue to dark blue and then your midfielder or whoever you set will play more deep and will not go forward as much.
  13. Grunge

    Grunge Non-League

    17 November 2005
    Give them a back arrow on the attack settings aswell. So when you've got the ball they stay back more often rather than overlapping.
  14. I cannot stand the fact that no matter how far you place a winger up the field, they never stay in position and come back towards the defence to pick the ball up.

    In previous versions, if you put a winger up front and on the wing they stayed there and against opposition playing with 3 centre back, they would be in miles of space.

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