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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Goldenballs, 29 April 2006.

  1. Goldenballs

    Goldenballs Conference

    7 May 2003
    Has anybody elso seen this happen in WE10. I was playing my mate and I was Spain he was the Argies. It was the last minute of the game and Morientes was clean through. The keeper came charging ou and I went round him and Mori went crashing down. I was sure it was a pen but nothing was given so I paused it and watched the replay and the keeper made absolutley no contact at all. I was furious because if he had stayed up I would have had an easy tap in to win the game.

    PS I won on penalties.
  2. i remember in fifa they used to have this option of faking a dive manually
  3. Androctonvs

    Androctonvs Discovered The FK Bug

    30 November 2003
    SL Benfica
    and in this is football too

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