Discuss your ideal PES 2016 settings - game speed, pass support, camera etc

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by bluchampblogger, 20 September 2015.

  1. bluchampblogger

    bluchampblogger League 2

    6 June 2009
    Now that the game is out, we are slowly exploring the best settings to get the best out of the game. The choice of gamespeed, pass support, camera and other such things greatly influences the game play experience - positively or otherwise.

    Having tried a few combinations, I've settled down with minus two gamespeed and one bar passing support on fan view camera. Gamespeed on zero is too fast for many of us. It also makes the game play a bit like basketball instead of proper football. Even minus one for me is not considerate enough. On minus two, I'm able to think, see angles, construct an attacking manoeuvre and also defend with a plan. There's a slight loss of responsiveness but I feel thats how it should be so it doesn't become ping pong and there's some value in first touch.

    I was earlier playing in zero pass support and when I combinescombined that minus two gamespeed the game was really slow and unresponsive. Hence while keeping the gamespeed at minus two, I've gone for one bar passing support. Now it all feels proper. There's time, there needs to be first touch, there needs to be a thought out plan and the passes are not slow and weak anymore like in aero support.

    Plus, in FAN view camera, I get to see the whole pitch in the wide areas and thereby plan my attacks thoroughly.

    So, there you go. Minus two gamespeed, one bar passing support and fan view camera is my setting. What's yours and why?
  2. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    I´m using default camera just with hiehgt at 0 and zoom as default to 2. But I´m between this and custom camera with zoom to 0, height to 3 and camera angle to 10. Test it and give feedback.
  3. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk Champions League

    23 October 2002
    I know the majority like the far out cameras or so it seems but i was brough up with Emlyn Hughes soccer and the like so I prefer a closer cam :)

    Mid Range

    Height Zoom 8
    Height 0
    Angle 6

    Game Speed 0 (default)
    Manual everything except through balls
    Manual player support runs (takes some getting used to but allows for better off the ball runs)
  4. bluchampblogger

    bluchampblogger League 2

    6 June 2009
    Let me test that out. For me, I want to see all my players on the pitch at any point in time to give me all possible options. So whatever camera angle I try, I end up going back to fan view.
  5. mehuk

    mehuk League 1

    18 September 2011
    Camera - Wide
    Speed - +1

    Yes im different :p
  6. iancurtis

    iancurtis I love this game!

    29 August 2007
    Porto, Portugal / Paulo Afonso, Brasil
    F. C. Porto
    Broadcast camera (always...forever)
    speed -1
    Pass 2
  7. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    I still haven't felt the need to use manual. So I'm on 1 pass assistance and basic shooting.

    Gamespeed is -1.

    Camera settings are 4, 10, 10 from long or wide customized (can't remember which). Same camera settings I've been playing for more than a decade :)
  8. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    Has anyone tested my custom settings with zoom 0, height 3 and angle to 10?
  9. Chuny

    Chuny Fede De Blasio

    Camera: Wide (Height 5, Zoom 0, Angle 10)
    Passing: Manual
    Shooting: Manual
    Advanced Through Balls (although I think it's broken. It acts weird)
    Speed: -2
  10. ramgamer

    ramgamer La Liga

    22 July 2013
    fc barcelona
    guys speed less than zero is inducing input lag, players feel heavy as a result, keeping speed to zero is the best.
    what's the best camera, i find myself more comfortable playing dynamic wide, height 5 and zoom 0, just like fifa i suppose, same camera, but does anyone suggest playing with the best camera settings?
    is top player broken? cpu cheating always. whats the best difficuly.
    Last edited: 22 September 2015
  11. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    Well I'm on PS4 so I feel no input lag at all. In fact they're just about right and responsive.
  12. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    About best camera settings,I use dynamic wide with only 0 at height but try custom camera with 0 zoom, height at 3 and angle at 10 and give feedback.I'm between these two settings.
  13. bluchampblogger

    bluchampblogger League 2

    6 June 2009
    Anything above minus two gamespeed looks like a unnecessary urgency on the pitch. The game is not cultured. It's all kick and rush. I don't feel any input lag in minus two (also on PS4). It's all a teeny bit slow but that's why it's minus two and not plus two.
  14. wkhalil

    wkhalil League 1

    26 August 2013
    I tried to go -1 but felt the same way. -2 feels right, although sometimes there are games that are slower than others.
  15. wkhalil

    wkhalil League 1

    26 August 2013
    My settings are

    Camera: zoom 2
    height 0
    angle 10

    Love this cam setting, make the game more challanging

    Play full manual on -2 speed
  16. Chuny

    Chuny Fede De Blasio

    I second Lami on this one.
    Anything from 0 to +2 make players feel ice-skating and the non-existent foot-planting is more noticeable than ever.
    I play on -2 and I don't think they are unresponsive, although they do feel heavier which is great and much more realistic IMO. And it is totally worth it when you get the ball to a light/quick player, THAT'S when you can really tell the difference.

    Everything set to manual (Basic Through Balls). Default Dynamic Wide camera with zoom set to 0 and height set to 5. Speed -2 and.... WOAH! Now this is amazing for real. If only more fouls were called!

  17. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    The more I play with zoom 0 height 3 and angle 10 the more I like it because it offers a nearly real broadcast effect as seen on tv. Dynamic wide doesn't offer camera angle or little and scoring is not so satisfying for me, what do you think guys?
  18. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    Still working messing around with camera settings, any advice between my two options? Just because it's a pity we can't modify angle in dynamic wide, otherwise it would be perfect.
  19. ramgamer

    ramgamer La Liga

    22 July 2013
    fc barcelona
    i use dynamic wide height 8 everything else 0, it's the best til now.
  20. Elja

    Elja How's it guys?

    11 October 2015
    dynamic wide is good, but you can't change the angle.. kills the broadcast feel
  21. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    So have you tried the real broadcast effect with my settings? Custom can with 0 zoom,3 height and 10 camera angle?

    I really like dynamic wide but as said before, no angle kills a little the experience so, or we get used to it or we mess around with other custom settings.
  22. Elja

    Elja How's it guys?

    11 October 2015
    I play with 1 zoom, 2 height, and 10 cam angle.. 0,3,10, or 2,3,10, is also quite okay
  23. bluchampblogger

    bluchampblogger League 2

    6 June 2009
    Agreed. Having tried numerous tweaks, I've settled down on zero gamespeed. That's the speed this game is supposed to be played.
  24. bluchampblogger

    bluchampblogger League 2

    6 June 2009
    I always normally play in FAN VIEW camera angle. I just stumbled on to dynamic broadcast cam and that's so addictive. It allows us to see the beautiful animations. Take advantage of little touches and flicks to keep the ball. Due to this also draws fouls. Totally enjoying it.
  25. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    So you definetely prefer dynamic wide (nwe cam) despite you can´t change the camera angle? Don´t you find scoring less satisfying without angle?
  26. bluchampblogger

    bluchampblogger League 2

    6 June 2009
    I still prefer FAN VIEW over any other camera angle. It's just that I found dynamic camera quite addictive to play. But some angles are surely missing in this cam.
  27. TakeshiRG

    TakeshiRG League 2

    4 November 2015
    I usually play with -2 speed and 20 minute games, but for my taste the game speed it's still too fast than real Football "tempo".
    Does anyone know how to set the speed lower, using cpk manager or other tools?
  28. Jelenic88

    Jelenic88 Non-League

    9 June 2018
    Well i prefer to use:
    Game speed +2
    camera 1: wide - zoom 1 - height 7 - angle 0
    camera 2: fan view
    With speed at + 2 players react much better are becouse of that im eable to create muh better action
  29. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    My preferred PES 2016 setting is "out of my HD".
    I enjoyed a lot both PES 2015 and PES 2017 (both of which I have bought two copies of, one for PC and one for Xbox One) but I couldn't really stand PES 2016. I also ahve it in my Steam library but I've not been playing it since I don't know when.
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