Demo Camera Which One Is It ... ?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by greenmachine, 27 September 2007.

  1. greenmachine

    greenmachine League 1

    5 November 2003
    Demo Camera Which One Is It ... ?

    What camera angle does the demo use? its not Wide is it..

    I was playing a game and I had a player in the middle of the pitch some 35+ yards from goal, when the ball was cleared from the box was coming straight to my player I thought hit it first time and I did! but the camera never followed the shot basically stayed with my player and then cut to the keeper taken a goalkick.
  2. wyblam

    wyblam Non-League

    20 August 2005
    I like playing at default mode (Normal long)
  3. JimboPL

    JimboPL League 1

    29 July 2004
    Wroclaw, POLAND
    Its probably normal long. Definetely not 'wide'. You can set wide camera in replay and it's much different.
  4. Henrik

    Henrik PES-addict

    13 February 2006
    The demo-camera sucks. I always use a more 'low' camera with more view to the left and right. Now the goals look thin, when you use an other cam the goals are looking deeper and wider.

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