Defending is pretty difficult now?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by inite, 25 May 2006.

  1. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    Im using the :square: + :x: buttons when defending and more often than not, i've to wait a long time before i either win the ball or they scored.

    Using 4-4-2 with 1 Offensive midfielder, any suggestions i can improve getting hold of ball?
  2. Slobber

    Slobber boycotting PES

    3 August 2003
    Merseyside, England
    Liverpool FC
    It takes more skill to defend now. You've really gotta put the effort in as it's less automatic.
  3. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    Ic, could you perhaps elaborate it further? Im playing 6 stars now and it seems like "1 C.Ronaldo Vs 10 C.Ronaldo", thats how hard it is to defend.
  4. Gullit4

    Gullit4 Guest

    C. Ronald defends?

    Sorry, can't resist...
  5. knh4

    knh4 Championship

    21 October 2002
    Man Utd
    Its got nothing about taking more skill to defend. In most instances it doesnt matter what you do or how good a defender you are the attacker will always get past you.
  6. Harregarre

    Harregarre Conference

    16 July 2005
    Yeah, I don't like this one as much as the previous installments. I always HATED when I had no control over my actions/defenders and this time it appears like it's worse than ever. I lose balls for no reason whatsoever, players suddenly seem to run slower so the opponent can take the ball. My defenders let balls slip off their feet so they can beat the keeper one on one. My attackers seem to have no skills and are dribbled past by opposite defenders, what the heck is that!

    Grr, going back to the match I just paused to rant here. :(
  7. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    lol harregarre.

    Gullit4 , what i meant is, i've 1 C.Ronaldo in my team, right winger, but it seems like every player on the opposition team are C.Ronaldo when attacking cos they have so much flair even for boumsong and titus bramble. It also appear that they run faster than Dyer.
  8. Slobber

    Slobber boycotting PES

    3 August 2003
    Merseyside, England
    Liverpool FC
    Close down the player with out X, and then you get in close, use X to take the ball away. I had trouble at first, but I can defend fine now.
  9. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    actually just stand off and dont defend with x. Block the attackers path to goal by standing in the way and then continue to 'sheperd' him to the sides of the pitch or back into their half. This way your team will get back in numbers and when they do finally decide to either cross/thru-ball/shot youll have enough players back to head/kick it out and counter. Also try to block the angles they can pass into. This way YOU decide where they are gonna attack, so if you are strong in the middle you defend more to the outside of the comp player, if youve got strong/fast side players you defend to the middle of the comp player and he'll most likely pass wide. Thats how it works, like real football its more about off the ball movement in this game then the last ones. And then when they do decide to dribble youll have enough players to go 2v1 and then youll likely win the ball with good timing of x/o.

    I hardly concede goals when playing against the comp, play on 6* (ml season without conceding more then 10 goals in the league). This is the way i defend and it works well.
  10. Harregarre

    Harregarre Conference

    16 July 2005
    It's the damn way Pro Evo works. At higher levels instead of the CPU getting more intelligent etcetera, they just start to raise the players abilities. One of the fastest players on my team can't even run past a mediocre sideback which is really a shame.

    Also, there is a big difference between playing Masterleague and Exhibition. I played several Exhibition matches with Feyenoord and I could score like 4 to 5 goals a match at 5 stars. Now I'm playing 4 stars Masterleague and after 4(!) matches I got my first goal. Which wasn't even my goal but an own goal by the defender (after a great cross by my winger). Unfortunately, the CPU decided to cheat a little more after my 1-0 and totally ruined everything by three dubious goals in 10 minutes (in-game time). Until my goal I was in control and there was no real threat to my goal whatsoever.

    I'm really, really disappointed. Tomorrow I'm gonna try again because I'm still too frustrated right now...:cry:
  11. AgentSmithMatrix

    AgentSmithMatrix League 1

    14 July 2004
    What's it like when you play 2 player? Does the game produce bucket load of goals?
  12. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    Ic , nice info there! Thx alot.

    I just completed 2 hours of gaming, and found a really good way to defend. I press R1 immediately , still pressing onto both :square: and :cross: , this way it closes down the player without giving him time, works really well, now i know which type of player i need to have this work flawlessly. U might wanna try this Harregarre
  13. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Defending is nearly perfect now! Great stuff Konami! Now it's actually an art that takes skillful players (both players in game and the player playing the game like us), it requires thinking, strategy as tiktiktik said and many other factors!!

    Now people actually HAVE TO start learning the skills and art that is defending instead of having their head all about attacking and flair players and dribblers and only thinking about scoring goals and playing attractive football (I'm not saying you're like this by the way inite, i'm just talking generally about a lot of casual football fans)

    Now it's more real life football! I've always been an awesome defender in this game like tikx3 rarely letting in goals and just some absolutely beautiful defending, shot blocking, anticpating passes, pressuring opponents at right times while maintaing my positions and unlike others I actually made a couple of vid compilations a while back showcasing the good "Defending" my team does in terms of breaking down opponent's moves instead of skills or goals :lol: and in this game I've had no trouble either! Still doing great defensively. It's going forward that I'm not scoring enough goals in this new version yet but that's expected as I'm still getting used to it.

    But as far as defending goes, a lot of people weren't good defenders before! I find a lot of PES5/WE9 players who were actually GOOD players, were great attackers of ball and mediocre defensively! Now in this game they won't get away with their avg defending skills anymore, they will pay until they increase their skill in this area and so it's a good thing the changes I feel Konami have made to make defending what it is compared to last versions! :)

    I'm all for it! :thumbup: (Has made it a bit more difficult, which means you have to learn proper skills for it and lot of deep thinking and also more real life footy like!)
  14. Aku_28

    Aku_28 League 2

    7 August 2004
    FC Internazionale Milano
    And it the Raw true 8)
  15. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
    defending is tricky, what i do is that i have various styles of play, if i wnat to defend and not concide a goal for a whole game, i can do that 9 times out of 10 even againts some of the best pes players here. But if i attack s well i am left opened in the defence also, its all about getting the right balance of defence and offense. Trust be blood
  16. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    Nice inputs, ty ;)
  17. Teacher

    Teacher Krèg ut zuâh!

    3 August 2004
    Yes, defending is more difficult in WE10. I think in this installment of the series Konami actually got it right by making defending more realistic. You have to stand off more and not dive in with :x: all the time. Furthermore sliding is risky business again. Just like in WE7I, my all time favourite version, yellow and red cards are issued quicklier. So, also sliding takes more skill now. Here it's all about cutting out passes, blocking passing lanes and intercepting the ball at just the right time.
    As for tactics, it helps to set the back line to B or A instead of C. This way your defenders are playing closer to the opposition and it's makes it easier to intervept to ball. But beware of lobs or through passes, especially against the CPU. Through passes are less lethal though in this version compared to PES5.

    Just like tiktiktik and PLF said, it's takes more skill, patience and thinking. It's takes some getting used to, but every new version requires unlearning and learning.
  18. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    c00l, i've always had mine at C, cos the fatique i experienced in WE9 is scary. Not the same anymore in WE10?
  19. knh4

    knh4 Championship

    21 October 2002
    Man Utd
    The reason defending is way too hard is because attacking has become way too easy. If attacking required a bit more skill than just dribble pass shoot we'd see a much better game.
  20. PetrovLFC

    PetrovLFC Raul!

    13 March 2005
    NW London
    I haven't played the game, but I'm very interested in hearing everyone's opinions on the gameplay.


    I think this defending concept sounds good, and I trust the opinion of people like PLF. I hate playing people online and most of them just seem to press and hack constantly, much like the computer does at higher difficulty levels. Perhaps this has developed a culture, where people expect to win every tackle, and the only form of defence IS zone pressing. Now that Konami has required the human player, to learn different methods of defending, it has to be a level playing field with regards to the AI. I've always tried to defend properly, to a realistic level, but its not fair football if your opponent doesn't!

    I get so miffed about this schoolboy football defending, that I lower myself to it, and start hacking people to try and prove a point:lmao:

    This is my worry, they change one aspect of the game drastically (realistically) but not others. Bring on the Playstation 3
  21. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    I agree, i remember i could play WE6 all year round cos its fun, but now im getting sick of this style of play.
  22. Teacher

    Teacher Krèg ut zuâh!

    3 August 2004
    Mate, you cannot be serious ;)! I don't agree with you! The defence system is totally different. It has nothing to do with attacking being easier. My feeling is that attacking is the same as PES5/ WE9. It's all been said already here, I'll say it again: defending requires knowledge of football (of course, we all have that ;)) and last, but not least, skill! Much more skill, actually...
  23. mathewsss

    mathewsss Champions League

    24 December 2002
    California, USA
    Liverpool FC
    I think there is truth in both points...
    a- defending is much more difficult, and it is more dependent on
    positioning and blocking the passing lanes/shots than just pressing X.
    b- CPU attacking is much more threatening at times
  24. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    Defending in open play is fine, although this particular incarnation of the game has been coded with the tiresome, recurring scenario whereby cpu attackers will ride through tackle after tackle - every challenge you make, the ball remarkably finds it way back to the cpu attackers foot, another challenge, you win the ball, but no, it takes yet another unbelievable richocet and spins straight back to the attackers foot, again and again...zzzz. But they do rarely score from open play.

    But I have an issue with defending corners. It seems to be the stock cpu goal in this version. Cross into the box, straight to a guys head and into the net. Fair enough, you might think, but then when you see the way the ball will go right through (yes, I mean right through the middle of) your defenders head in order that the cpu guy can head it, it's not acceptable. I would like to think there is a nack to defending corners, but in this version, you can do as much super-cancel moving your defenders to block crosses, but when the game ignores the fact you have defenders heads in the way of the ball and just scripts goals, it leaves that familiar bitter taste of recent Konami games.
  25. zoozooka

    zoozooka Guest

    one thing i dont like about we10 is that:

    the inertia doesnt seem to apply for attacking side.

    the attackers can run at full speed and make a 90 degree turn. oh, wth is that?

    for defending side, the defenders take a length of 2 second to stop from acceleration.

    how creative of japanese game maker to make people feel about the most realistic soccer simulation game in the world. they simply make the game a little difficult to score, and people dubbed it the best soccer simulation ever made.

    the main reason that so many people love we series is just because of the difficulty. it's that simple
  26. knh4

    knh4 Championship

    21 October 2002
    Man Utd
    If it takes more skill to defend now then the same should have applied to attacking. This is where the games balance is completely lost especially in multiplayer.
  27. STR

    STR .

    15 April 2003
    The AI's attacking is really very, very good. I get swarmed by them. Even playing against the likes of Malaga (in this case with Valencia) the dribbling and amazing acute through passes are top-class. It really takes effort to defend and sometimes unrealistically so, I feel. Maybe it's just a case of getting use to the game, because I haven't had the chance, so far, to play this version as much as others.
  28. xett

    xett Guest

    can agree with u more !!

    actually i don't really know why thera are many people complaining about the defense system in WE 10. or maybe just lucky me, i like this defense system. i think this is the most realistic defending system in WE.

    one thing i really like is i don't have to be afraid of 3 striker type opponent anymore.i use 4 defender (2 CD 2 SB) in WE. in WE 9, usually i will be having a lot of trouble against player who use 3 striker effectively. that's because the SBs going forward n back inefectively. So to prevent this i have to choose the back arrow at the awareness that results SBs have very small contribution at attacking n do alot of defending.

    Now, in we 10 I Still use back arrow at the awareness menu n u know what, they still march forward to support the attacking effectively. If the left side back goin forward, the right side back will be still remain in his defending position so it will make it easier to deal with player who counter attacks n use 3 striker.

    good job konami.
  29. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    Anything that gets more goals against for the comp is a good thing, sick of playing all season and only conceding 5-6 goals. Don't like the dribble mania the comp gets from time to time and the constant attack grates abit game in game out... but better as a whole
  30. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    The concept of re-introducing some skill to defending is a good one, but it's still very buggy. As was mentioned earlier on, often it doesn't matter how good a defender you are as the game just hands the advantage in a 50/50 situation to the attacker, the collision-detection is woeful at times.

    I guarantee it will be changed for the next version (not PES6).

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