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Discussion in 'Football' started by footieBalla, 2 March 2005.

  1. footieBalla

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    ...is 10 matches. unless you were on another planet, you would know that the saints man flew into robert pires, and i should mention injuring the frenchman, expecting to get away without a booking.

    the midfielder's apology helped him none as he was slapped with a 10 match ban from domestic football, and also a £6,000 fine.

    i read somewhere that the PFA thinks that the ban is too much...

    i dont know who to agree with here, 10 does seem a lot, but he looked a killer on the pitch, ready to gouge out somebody's eyeballs with his toes or something.

    i think they're doing this to show the players they aren't taking no guff from nobody.

  2. pk9

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    9 January 2004
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    10 games seem fine cos he was bang out of order but then again do u think th e fa will be consistent in handing out this kind of punishment to another player. thats my biggest ? all u hot head prem players u betta watch out no rogue like tactics from now on the fa is trying to clamp down on player and b4 i 4get manager stupidity.................
    damn seems like yesterday with my first post now am over a 1000---- most were for request tut tut pk9
  3. crayon

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    Good reaction by the lad though, taking the ban on the chin. No plan to appeal and in his interview he said he wasn't setting a good example to people watching and said he hoped nobody would copy him. Quite a refreshing change for a Premier League footballer.
  4. footieBalla

    footieBalla Guest

    i guess that's the best a person in his position can do. hope we dont see anymore of this bollocks

  5. lostinstoke

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    16 January 2005
    I was under the impression that his 10 game ban was for pushing the ref. In which case it's fully deserved and I don't think they will have a problem enforcing that on others who do the same. It doesn't get physical with the ref that often but if you can get sent off for a bit of verbal then you're asking for it if you start pushing them round. Doubt he would have got a ban of that length for the tackle, it was bad, but that would sitll have only left him with a normal length ban. This is purely for his outburst after IMO.
  6. Milanista

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    Speaking of discipline, a player of Lecce was praised but then accused. Uruguayan international Giacomazzi was awarded a penalty after falling in the Messina PK box.... he went to the ref and said "it isnt a PK, i fell"... the Messina players shook his hand and the referee offered to shake his hand, then awarded a yellow card. Now hes suspended for 'simulation' (diving).... what a load of bullshit.

    He admitted falling and cancelled the PK..... so why is he accused of diving when the whole point of diving is GETTING a PK.
  7. gomito#10

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    9 May 2003
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    i actually watched that highlight, it looks like he was fouled, but that is BS....

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