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    GDC 08: Crysis on Xbox 360 Shown Behind Closed Doors

    Crysis on consoles was one of the biggest mysteries of GDC this year. Crytek itself sent out a press release in January announcing that it would be showing Crysis running on ‘next-gen’ consoles at the show.

    No further details were unveiled by the time GDC arrived, so I decided to do a little investigative work while on the exhibition floor.

    At Crytek’s own booth, a representative from the studio revealed to me that the game was indeed being shown running on the Xbox 360, but only behind-closed-doors.

    As much as I pleaded, the rep would not allow access, but did reveal that they were showing the game to prospective publishers.

    EA was responsible for publishing the game on the PC, but apparently did not secure a deal at the same time to publish on consoles.

    If the game did garner enough interest from a publisher at the show, and we couldn’t imagine why it wouldn’t, an official announcement shouldn’t be too far off.
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    Far more interested in Far Cry 2 for 360 than Crysis with its aliens *yawn*..........
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    Totally agree. :applause:

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