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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Decker9, 10 February 2010.

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    Hey there everyone. I just got FIFA 10 last week, and I've been playing on professional difficulty which I think is pretty good for me. I like to play Manager Mode more than anything else, so first thing I did was start one with Leeds United.

    There have been a few weird things I've noticed. I came to ask if anyone else has experienced the same, because to be honest I might just be feeling this way in frustration.

    First of all, I know EA says they've installed a new, more realistic and physical defense. But is anyone else experiencing quite a few ludicrous fouls every game? It seems like my players get pushed off the ball quite roughly, sometimes in the box, and a whistle is never blown, let alone a card shown or penalty given.

    Also, I never can do this to the CPU players, and I get carded for much less. I'm playing all League 1 teams obviously, so it's not like every single player is bigger and stronger than me.

    Sometimes my players make really stupid passes. I have gotten knocked out of the FA Cup now quite far into it because I was in extra time, 0-0, and taking a goal kick. I saw nobody of the other side near me so I felt safe with a short pass, yet all of a sudden one came charging in and the pass went nowhere near any player of mine, right to him, and for the game winning goal.

    In manager mode, I cannot simulate any games if I want to win anything. I lose at least 90% of the games I sim for some reason, it doesn't even matter who I play. I've had Leeds clear atop League 1 by 10 points, and I've lost consecutive games to the teams in 16, 19, 18, 20, 23, and 24th place teams, this after I started simming after playing a bunch of games to amount to a 7 game unbeaten streak. It's getting a little ridiculous.

    Has anyone experienced any frustrating issues the same or similar to mine? I've given up all hope on the PES series, I was hoping FIFA would fill my void.
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    The refs are inconsistant. Ive been tackled from behind numerous times and the ref doesn't even give me a free kick.

    If your kicking the goal kick out short you can't blame the stupid pass on anyone but yourself. Usually against the CPU, it's fine to pass out short from goal kicks. I do it all the time but once a player came charging out and scored as happened with you. It's obviously more likely to happen if you rush the goal kick, if you wait until the CPU players have moved back they probably won't intercept the pass and score.

    I haven't known simming to be that one sided. With Leeds being one of the strongest teams in league 1 that seems a bit odd.
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