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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by robao, 14 January 2019.

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    Hi guys, i think you have to re calculate the Aggression stats, seems its too over rated.
    eg. For C. Eriksen result is 93, a value arround 80-85 its more reasonable.

    Aggression in fifa is mostly to make players tackle often despite in PES6 makes the player more aggressive on attacking oportunities, eg Inzaghi.
    Take a look on pes5 results with players Aggression 85+

    So, imo most important fifa stats to create Aggression are Reaction (no1 stat for of the ball movement) and you can combine with Positioning, Heading, Volleys (key attributes to score a goal with off the ball movements)

    88 Reactions
    84 Positioning
    52 Heading Accuracy
    80 Volleys
    ==> AVG: 76


    60% of 88 Reactions
    20% of 84 Positioning
    10% of 52 Heading Accuracy
    10% of 80 Volleys
    ==> ~83 (this one seems to be the best solution)
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    13 April 2019
    Here the keys to insert nationality.
    Austrian Belgian Bulgarian Croatian
    Czech Danish English Finnish
    French German Greek Hungarian
    Irish Italian Latvia Dutch
    Northern Irish Norwegian Polish Portuguese

    Romanian Russian Scottish Serbian
    Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish
    Swiss Turkish Ukrainian Welsh

    Albanian Bosnian Icelandic Israeli
    Belarusian Macedonian

    Cameroonian Ivorian Ghanian
    Nigerian Moroccan

    Costa Rican Mexican Honduran American
    Argentinian Brzailian Chilean Colombian
    Ecuadorian Paraguayan Peruvian Uruguayan
    Bolivian Venezuelan

    China Iran Japanese Saudi Arabia
    South Korean Australian

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