Classic player??

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by monalisa, 31 October 2009.

  1. monalisa

    monalisa Banned

    18 September 2009
    Why can't Konami make real faces for them?? Why use generic face??

    really disappoint ..
  2. Daylin

    Daylin Pes omnia vincit

    31 October 2009
    It gives us the opportunity to have some fun with the editting.:)
    And as the most classic players had a career for over maybe 15 years, what face would they have to give to the player? When he was starting his career, or when he was middel aged, or how he is looking right now? ( Some or dead, wouldn`t be a nice face :DD)
  3. nikolakusevski

    nikolakusevski Facemaker

    13 July 2009
    Liverpool, Barca
    hahahahah :D
    I think they buy a license to present most of the world's players... Classic players are retired and they can't make them original 'cause they don't have licence to publish them... They can break the law... :(

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