Can we transfer players to Free Agent yet? (WE9)

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by RuneEdge, 3 August 2005.

  1. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Manchester United
    Can WE (geddit? WE? :roll: never mind) transfer players to a Free Agent pool of some sort in WE9?
    I cant understand the japanese so I dont know.
  2. Rául 10

    Rául 10 Non-League

    30 July 2003
    yeah when your on the register screen, highlight the player and press square, then the player goes into the free agent pool
  3. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Manchester United
    cool, thanx.
  4. Blondin

    Blondin Non-League

    5 August 2003
    Good news...
  5. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Yeah was in WE8LE ;) so i'm not surprised another good feature made it though instead of disappearing like with previous examples :roll:

    Great news anyways :D
  6. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    :D :D GREAT :D :D
  7. Doubla R

    Doubla R Argentina

    13 April 2005
    What's that? What's a free agent pool? I never played WE8LE
  8. alawadhi3000

    alawadhi3000 PES 2008

    26 December 2004
    Man United

    last page of players
  9. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Free Agent pool is for players who are in not clubs in game nor a national team.

    For example we have to transfer Mohammed Kallon now to a Saudi club.. so to make our game up to date.. we'll make him free agent since Saudi club isn't in game.
  10. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    Abbiati to Genoa too :)
    Thats great ..

    But what if the player transfered form the club that isn't in the game to a club in the game ??? how can I find him back ??
  11. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Useful feautre, thanks for the find
  12. Tuscany

    Tuscany Non-League

    12 September 2004
    erm, sorta related to transfers... formations don't say in the ML again.. or at least lineups, or am i doing something wrong?
  13. Rául 10

    Rául 10 Non-League

    30 July 2003
    shevchenko 7, when a player is a free agent, u can still transfer him to another team, u just have to find the free agent part(its next to unlocked players and japan reserves me thinks)
  14. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    I havne't checked but I expect the actual Formation (Arrows, positions, role select, defence) to stay the SAME in ML since now edited stats also carry through BUT... lineups work a totally different way in this game.

    In ML, AI uses its own intelligence to pick your startin 11, not the ones you set in Starting lineup.

    But check to see if actual formations stay, half the times if those players have their realistic values, AI will pick something very close to real life starting 11 anyways.. I had this happen after applying my own data file and was very fun to see :)

    @Shevchenko, do you mean if you transfer Abbiati to "Free Agent" section and then lets say he moves to Inter?? ;) hahaha.. well then you can go to "Free Agent pool" and transfer him to another club.

    Hope this helped.
  15. Tuscany

    Tuscany Non-League

    12 September 2004
    looks like you were right PLF, the formations do stay... starting lineups don't, thanks :)
  16. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Yeah every since Konami improved ML in WE8, it has its own brain for picking lineups, so you can set correct lineups in your option file and they'll be used in cups/league/exhibitions but for ML, it depends on whether they got the right skills for that position and its instructions but like I said if they do represent real life, more often than not AI makes right decision and picks right people even though it doesn't follow our lineup suggestions ;)

    Take care
  17. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Btw is there unlimited space in the free agent poole?..there doesnt seem to be that much space really, saying that I will just overwrite them with other players.
  18. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    Thnks Man :D :D
  19. benjo

    benjo Guest

    Hi there,

    To have same formation than in match mode just go in formation menu (lawn picture) in ML, then choose the 3rd menu (formation) and valid with "o" button on the text just under 5-3-2 and you'll have the match mode formation
  20. Flipper the Priest

    Flipper the Priest Non-League

    15 July 2003
    When transferred to the Free Agent pool, are the players sorted in any way?

    Otherwise it could be a bugger to find them later!
  21. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Yea they are sorted by position.

    Anyone noticed when you go to put a player in the national team, the players from the country are ordered by position this time?..amazing addition because going through 13 pages of the English players to find one was crap, now its easy!
  22. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Sorry I don't think we're talking about same things? ;)

    I wasn't only talking about my OWN team's formation but in general every other team's formation when playing against them in ML so we can set realistic ones and make game more balanced instead of playin against teams with forward arrows on their CB's and stupid things like that makin game crap.

    Someone pointed out that formations stay.. so CPU will use whatever formation you put there so that's great ;)
  23. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
    Are you lot saying that if we do a formation for a team that formation will stay in the ML?

    Also PLF is it possible to have a season long loan in WE9 ML?
  24. Sabac Red

    Sabac Red Premiership

    22 November 2002
    The best way to change the lineups of the CPU teams is to change the players positions individually in edit mode.

    e.g. If Toure is playing at RB instead of CB then in edit mode only have him as a CB instead of both.
  25. dalessandro

    dalessandro League 2

    8 October 2004
    Ok, so great I was waitin' for somethin' like that but please tell me one thing :
    I have awaited for long time that transferred appear in their new club when you want to modify somethin' on them cos it quickly becomes a bloody mess to find players you modified when you do most of transfers during the winter and summer breaks. Does it by now?
  26. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    It does :)
  27. Ronaldo_no7

    Ronaldo_no7 Non-League

    3 January 2004
    yes they appear in their new clubs but they did in we8 le also :)
  28. dalessandro

    dalessandro League 2

    8 October 2004
    fuckin' great !!
  29. dalessandro

    dalessandro League 2

    8 October 2004
    ok great man, i didn't know it did in WE8LE cos I don't have a chipped PS2 and as though I only play PES. Anyway this game seem to overrock !!!!

    damn, 2 months to wait
  30. luke909

    luke909 League 2

    17 August 2004
    can created players be transfered into club sides?

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