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can i play online with my ML team ?? on ps6

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by andreriot, 3 November 2006.

  1. andreriot

    andreriot Non-League

    8 August 2004
    can i play online with my Master League team on ps6 ?

    i started master league on 2 modes,original players on ML and created for me,but i cant find my team,when i try to play in online mode...

    what can i do ???

    ps: sorry for my bad english
  2. iceobar

    iceobar Tyneside Amateur League

    3 September 2003
    Phoenix - unfortantely
    Watford FC
    you sir are a plank
  3. Matt BCFC

    Matt BCFC Guest

    Bit harsh. He was just asking a question no need for that you tw*t.
  4. Cloud1863

    Cloud1863 Premiership

    10 December 2004
    Stoke City
    How do you work that one out, the guy asked a question. :roll: :roll:

    This is a forum , its about discusions and finding out information.

    I understand if someone asks " where can I download this or can someone sell me a pirate copy of this", but if someone has a valid question the that is what the point of this forum is, isn't it??
  5. StewieGriffin

    StewieGriffin Conference

    5 January 2005
    I would like to know about that too...
  6. iceobar

    iceobar Tyneside Amateur League

    3 September 2003
    Phoenix - unfortantely
    Watford FC
    maybe i was slightly harsh but the guy has been a member of the forum since 2004 which tends to suggest that he has both owned and played previous versions of the game. Since playing online with your ML team wasnt possible on proevo5 (or play with modified stats or manually updated transfers come to mention it). if it was to be included in proevo6, it would be considered fairly important news and would of been mentioned oh so slightly in konami press releases and this here website also
  7. Midian

    Midian Non-League

    29 November 2005
    Leeds United
    It was a reasonable question though.. seen as it does ask you if you want to use network mode at the start of a Master League.
  8. Amit

    Amit Non-League

    27 May 2006
    i have played pro 23456 and when you start master league in pro 6 it asks you if you would like to set your game up so you can play online play so his question is certainly a good question which i would also like to know how its done
  9. Seraphs21

    Seraphs21 Skillz That Killz

    20 August 2003
    Southampton FC
    Well, I think first you start the Master League, then you can select Play On Network Mode, or you can probably put not or not decided but eiter way, on the next screen after that you MUST select the top option which I believe is ML Original Players (If you selected the Netowrk Mode this will be the only option you could choose anyway) then you play like normal save it and also if I was you I would save like your best eleven, save data or watever it is called now lol, anyway, then when you play online I dunno as how you do it, but im guessing either theres a ML bit available to choose, or you have to set the room to let you use them im not sure, if no one replys to this intime, then I might try and see how to sort it out for you.
  10. only1ronaldo

    only1ronaldo My Season My Style

    4 August 2005
    Real Madrid
    I haven't seen an option @ online for playing Master League teams.

    I think you can play your ML team in special competitions (Competition mode) , there weren't one yet.
  11. Benarrivo

    Benarrivo Non-League

    10 June 2002
    Co. Durham
    I think it's actually mentioned in the manual somewhere and on one of the "help" screens in the game - if you want to play online you have to turn player development to "off" before you start a Master League so players don't age, then it should let you use your My Team save to play online. It's probably there to stop people using edited and created players to try and cheat, you could just create players with every stat as 99 and buy them for your ML team.Now we've just got to wait for the option to show up online to enter them into a competition and actually use them :)
  12. andreriot

    andreriot Non-League

    8 August 2004
    thx 4 all,this is a big forum,great guys and good questions and answers...

    ps:iceobar,you it is the shame here !!!!

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