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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Rob, 22 January 2011.

  1. Rob

    Rob Conference

    25 May 2003
    Has this happened for anyone else?

    Playing online, sometimes just before kick off of either the 1st or 2nd half, someone presses pause, (they may need to change something strategically or something) anyway when the game comes back the camera angle changes to a more top down birds-eye view. It is't massively different, but noticable all the same.

    I dont know if its my T.V or the stadium we're playing in or what but the camera goes higher, although it doesnt happen every single time.

    Just thought I'd chuck it out there
  2. dannyfc2

    dannyfc2 Premiership

    9 June 2009
    Yeah, think what happens is at Kick-Off it normally slowly pans out into the camera type. But if you pause and go back it'll automatically fix to the camera type without progressive panning.

    I think, I dno. But yes it's massively disorientating despite not being very different at all.

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