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Cache Lag fix

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by kdjac, 26 October 2006.

  1. kdjac

    kdjac League 2

    3 May 2004
    Those with PC laggyness with decent pcs.

    Simple fix till patch is out, play an exhibition game by the time the match is at half time the game will be playable.

    Just let CPU play itself then ALT Tab to keep the game running, 34 mins into 1st half its playable, gets better as the match goes on.

  2. iop

    iop Guest

  3. kdjac

    kdjac League 2

    3 May 2004
    Its grand once it gets warmed up.

    I have 2 7900s in SLI, nearly cried when it wouldnt play :D

  4. iop

    iop Guest

    Hahaha... my girlfriend thought "..here we go again..." when I said: "My *insert expletive* game's stuttering!!"

    Yeah, it's funny how a PC game can almost reduce us to tears! I was so excited, watched the intro... then *boom!* (ala John Madden) the game stuttered at the Kick-off etc "Noooooooooooooo!" I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach...

    Well... it was a bit of an anti-climax I can tell you.
  5. SirMol

    SirMol Guest

    Could the problem be dual-core CPU's?

    If you're running a dual-core:
    1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL after you start the game,
    2. Go to the "processes" tab,
    3. Find PES6.exe in the list,
    4. Right-click and select "Set Affinity..."
    5. Uncheck CPU1 so that only CPU0 is select
    6. Press "OK", close Windows Task Manager
    7. Go back to PES.

    This has to be done every time the game is run.
  6. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
    Running fine on my Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 without having to do anything.
  7. 20captain

    20captain Guest

    4. u mean "set priority"?
  8. SirMol

    SirMol Guest

    No.. "Set Affinity..."

    If you have a dual-core CPU you will have that option, if not, it won't be there.

    And yeh Kezz it runs fine on my dual-core without it too but it CAN be the cause of stuttering in games so it's something for people to try I guess.
  9. footyfan

    footyfan Pornaddict!

    13 December 2002
    Its the sound causing the stuttering for some reason, ot would be intersting to know what sound cards people have.

    I have onboard soundmax digital audio, the stuttering goes away after half of an half, but i get the odd stutter every so often, maybe 3 a game.

    I definatly think its a sound buffering problem, i had a similar problem in we9le where it would it slightly stutter maybe once a game.
  10. iop

    iop Guest

    My processor isn't a dual core type, so that isn't the problem with the game. It has to be a programming error, as the game stutters much less the longer one plays. It only happens during the FIRST match, which suggests to me that it's some kind of memory caching issue.

    I turned off my paging file (virtual memory) for a while yesterday, but that didn't help. I think there's a memory leak problem as my Task Manager (Performance) shows a peak usage of over 780MB today!! I have only played PES6...

    It looks like this game was just ported over from the PS2, and rushed out. :/

    My config. again:

    A64 +3200
    Audigy 2
    1GB PC3200 DDR

    Oh yeah, PES5; WE9LE; Madden 07; FIFA 07; NHL 07 all work perfectly.

    IT'S THE GAME!!! They're working on a patch to fix the issues. :)
    Last edited by a moderator: 27 October 2006
  11. ForeverEvo

    ForeverEvo Non-League

    19 October 2006
    This is unnacceptable.
  12. iop

    iop Guest

    I think Konami have 'fallen from grace'- they ceratinly have in my book.
  13. cregser

    cregser La Liga

    8 March 2004
    Nah. I've a USB sound card that I can switch off - so PES6 doesn't load sound drivers when it starts up. But I still have the stutter problem.

    EDIT: I just had a thought - maybe we'll have the patch by the OFFICIAL PC release date. We're not supposed to have it now.
    Last edited: 27 October 2006
  14. iop

    iop Guest

    Today is the official release date. :)

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