Buying the UK version/Shipping to the US

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by lancers, 1 November 2010.

  1. lancers

    lancers League 1

    12 July 2010
    North Carolina
    Can't seem to find anyone who will ship the UK version to me here in the US. Any ideas?
  2. tc811

    tc811 Resident Evo-Web Retard

    9 January 2008
    United States
    Arsenal FC
    Try, that's where I got my copy.
  3. kingston1gb

    kingston1gb Non-League

    3 November 2006
  4. lazyForken

    lazyForken Championship

    24 August 2007
    ebay...theres that one good seller, i got my copy in a week

    type pes 2011 uk and you'll find it.
  5. supapuffy

    supapuffy League 2

    29 June 2003
    Manchester United
    i bought my uk version from

    pre-ordered and total price + shipping was around $38 CDN
  6. ron

    ron Soccer it's Life

    3 September 2004
    Miami,FL USA
    Manchester United I buying from then since 1998 and they ship it to me in USA from UK

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