Bug in Master League mode that can be exploited to improve your players faster.

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by triplea007, 31 October 2007.

  1. triplea007

    triplea007 Non-League

    25 March 2006
    Since so much crap goes on during matches, I play with manual saves in Master League mode...

    What I mean by crap is... when the PC suddenly decides that you absolutely MUST lose a game and all the opponents turn into Maradona on Heroin, score from EVERY corner kick, from EVERY free kick, and your own players start making fouls in the penalty area that you didn't even order, a single skill-less and tired defender from a crappy team can dribble your whole team and score, and let's not mention the blind referee that never calls the fouls committed on you. I'm sure you're all familiar with this fact that happens on occasion, more often than what's possibly believable (since real crap does happen in real games).

    For example, yesterday I was winning a game 3-0 (obviously against a crappiER team) and the pc scored 6 goals in second half just with free kicks, corner headers, and one penalty for a foul I didn't even commit. All unavoidable since there's nothing you could do to prevent them.

    Since this happens so often, when I detect the pc cheating in the way that we're all used to by now, I just exit to main menu, and reload the master league to play the match again. So I have to do the following before every match.

    1. REGULATE CONDITION of the players. Their stamina goes down a bit, but they gain skillpoints.

    2. SET FORMATION using the less tired players who are in optimal condition.

    3. SAVE (that way if I have to quit a match, I can just reload my save and play the match again without having to go through regulating condition and formation settings).

    So... here's the exploit:

    What happens is that AFTER you've saved, if you leave master league and go to MAIN MENU, and reload your master league save, the FORMATION settings are kept, BUT you can/have to REGULATE CONDITION AGAIN. They are as tired as they were when you saved, but the "regulate condition" button is again clickable (it should be greyed out).

    So, at the expense of tiring your players a bit more, you could literally continue doing this to quickly train your squad.

    This is not something I do since I have NO interest whatsoever in training this bunch of nobodys that you're stuck with when you start master league mode (I just wait so that that I can fire half the squad and buy some decent rookies next season). But I see that this is something lots of people might find useful.

    Just in case it's an isolated matter, I'm playing at the highest opponent difficulty, and in master league difficult set as "normal" (for trades not to be so impossible).
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  2. spoon71

    spoon71 been there done that

    10 November 2003
    good stuff m8, not that i'm gonna use it - i'm too lazy and i don't care that much to have superstars in my team, but still - tkanks for sharing :)
  3. triplea007

    triplea007 Non-League

    25 March 2006
    Thanks for the comments bud... I thought someone would find it useful. What I actually want to do after I get the face thing worked out (another thread I started today), is make a team of created players... all 15 years old, all buddies of mine... it'd be so funny and so great to be able to curse out loud at my friends' incompetence on the field and call them to them how they threw away a play.

    QUESTION: Is there any way to actually select "which skills" to improve on "each" player? Last proevo I played was PES5 and I used this a lot. No point in increasing a forward's ability to defend. Plus sometimes not every skill improves, just a couple or so. I'd like to be able to pick which skills to work on, like real coaches do.
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  4. Dougeh

    Dougeh Conference

    21 July 2007
    Ive heard about this before ... doesnt bother me really to be honest. I know that Im never going to bother doing it and if others want to cheat at a single player video game - well thats their choice.

    I do disagree about the scripting thing though. I found that PES6 was shocking in this department, but Ive seen nothing in 08 that suggests that it is being used. Thats playing a full ML season on Top Player...
  5. triplea007

    triplea007 Non-League

    25 March 2006
    I guess I've had bad luck... In PES5 I very rarely encountered things like this, and/or referee calls that I could find "objectable"... I always laughed at a proevo partner who always used to get pissed at the referees and would yell at them as if they were real humans who actually made a choice to choose the other team.

    So, take the comment from a skeptical who laughed at a friend who thought the game was sometimes scripted to favor one side (regardless who is home or away), I now understand what he felt.

    There are many things a love about this new installment in the proevo series... I like the fact that goalkeepers are a lot more realistic and the players react when they get hit by the ball, and things like that. Nice touches. The keepers are sometimes oddly bad, but granted that in real life, I've seen keepers do the stupidest things.

    I haven't played enough. But in 60 hours or so that I've played PES2008 (wanting to ONLY notice the positive, and I am not a sore loser. I don't mind a 5th or 6th spot in a league of 12 teams), I cannot help but notice that it does seem scripted at times. It's random, but it happens. It's not just the referee, but the other players do seem to go on overdrive magically when it's your turn to lose... even when they're red in stamina...

    It never bothered me since it happened like once every 10 games and I would simply quit and reload until I felt the match was fair, even if I lost. But here in pes2008, I have to regulate condition again after loading, and sometimes they don't regulate as they had the previous time when I saved and then I'm forced to make formation changes again... it's a pain in the butt.

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