Bringing defenders up for corners

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by steg, 29 August 2005.

  1. steg

    steg Guest

    Does anyone know how to bring either one or two of your centre backs up for corners in we9. It used to bring one up by default in we8 but with every team ive went so far theres only about 2-3 players in the box for corners.
  2. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Yea, in WE9 I am lucky to have 4 players in the box nevermind defenders aswell, makes corners pretty much useless really.

    Don't think there is a way though, the CPU wil just decide and as always the decision goes against you.
  3. JayD

    JayD Premiership

    27 April 2002
    You are extremely boring now #-o
  4. 7cronaldo

    7cronaldo Conference

    7 June 2005
    when you turn your attacking strategy to the most attacking (red) and change the kicker you should get about five of your players in the box... don't think there's a way to choose them though, apart from swapping a player who is in the box for a defender who's staying back in member change.
  5. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    What is boring, the truth?

    I am just telling him the CPU will most likely decide and as per usual they decide against him, so quit the bullshit.

    Either that or you have a better explanation as to why defenders don't come up for corners or the fact I have only 4 players in the box?
  6. Rick_Niggler

    Rick_Niggler Guest

    Its to do with a combination of attacking arrows, defense (Low, Med or High) Your attacking arrows have to be in a attacking direction (at least one of them) and you your defensive arrow should be on normal or low. your big man should go up. have one of the midfield on more defense mindedness and he will cover the absent defender. :)
  7. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    It's like Rick said, I find it a bit stupid though.

    Usually in any team the two center backs are bigger and more capable header/jumpers of the ball than most of the starting 11 and so at least ONE of them goes up for corners, FK's and sometimes even 2 with the fullbacks stayin back or another player.

    But in WE9, I noticed this as well and was gonna make a thread about it, unless you're on FULLY RED (all-out attacking) BOTH CB's stay back which is very stupid. How can you fix it? by having a forward arrow on your CB, but then why the hell would you have that just to correct a game's fault. After all it's a dangerous thing to have ANY arrows I find on central defenders and keeping a forward one on him jus so he does what he's supposed to do and come in box in case of any corner, is very stupid.

    I hope we can find another way for this.
  8. killercam

    killercam Shady

    18 December 2003
  9. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    I see Killercam, thanks for that link but that thread got a bit side-stepped with other talks like how it'd be good to choose 4 or 5 in wall and have choice of WHO to stay in wall.. so we can either carry discussion about this here or there but i think it's best here since that one is likely to have other side tracks with other comments that have been made and right now I just want to figure out a solution to this so we should spend our time on that not Wishlist for future.

    Yes I think JT should come up and according to my friend Inter211,
    I don't know if this is true but I'm sure most of the time this IS how I play. I have no arrows on CB's and yet for corners unless I'm on ALL OUT attack, they both stay back.

    I wish this was true but it seems only way to get them to come up is being on all out red.. and even then 1 comes or having FORWARD arrowo on them which i dont want.
  10. Mauras

    Mauras Premiership

    7 October 2002
    have you guys tried CB overlap strategy? maybe it works in corners too. It probably doesn't make sense, but you gotta put all the options on the table, the guys are japanese :)
  11. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Turn around, I'm right behind you...
    Manchester United
    I've always thought the Formation screen needs to be a lot more in depth. And I'm talking CM/FM2005 style where you can select where each player will be during attacking or defending corners.

    For example you could tell players whether or not they should wait near the keeper, attack the keeper, run in from outside the box, etc. Or when defending corners, you could get players to mark other player, cover areas, or put men on the line, etc.

    I'm expecting a lot from the PS3 versions.
  12. idunno

    idunno Non-League

    13 August 2003
    When i play Ac milan. Sometimes Jaap Stam will come up for corners but not nesta
  13. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    No mate, as much as I'd love that and WANT more options like you said, there HAS to be a difference between the amount of team tactics options you get in a managerial type of game where you're just a spectator and have to watch the match and in a game like PES/WE where you want good control of your players but at the end you're controlling them.

    Sure I'd love to have options you talk about but for me I don't think we'll ever have a game that is gonna have as many tactical options as in a management game and that kinda makes sense really. That game is dependant on your instructions and it's those instructions and how good they are which determines how much of a good manager you are but here it's a bit of a different story and hopefully we'll see more options in future though I won't expect something like "Player X you attack Near post" , "Player Y you attack far post" that'd be too management style.. and i dont think they'll go that far ;)

    As for what Mauras said, it's a good idea. I'll give it a try mate next time ;)
  14. drekkard

    drekkard International

    23 March 2005
    Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
    I personally think that you should be able to do a lot more managerial things than now. Playing barcelona, past years I always had Saviola to head the corners and now they always put Giuly!!! It's pathetic because against my friends (playing italian teams all of them - we know italian teams defend better in reality and in the game ) I can't score. It's impossible. And just because the game always put my smaller players there. I want Marquez and Edmilson in the corners and I want Giuly out of the area to take control of any deflections.

    It irritates me the way that the game is "heavily scripted" in corners and that could be fixed with tactical options. For instance, when kicking corners, if you clear the ball, it tends to go straight to an opponent in the center of the area that will control and shoot. When you attack, the same happens. That could be easily countered by having always a player in the midle of the area to "definitely clear the clearing"... I hate the way that a defender can only clear the ball some yards away. It's clearly a balancing issue that the programmers have put there to create danger in the areas, in real life almost all the clearings go straight to out of bonds or a lot of meters away, and bouncing very high when landing thus making it very difficult to control.

    So , at the end, given the "strange" things that happen in cornerns, I would like more tactical control over my players.

    Talking about that, I would say that the short pass in the corners in We9 is too effective and you should be able to have 2 defenders to press the short pass, as in real life.
  15. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Eh?. Isn't Saviola and Giuly about the same size?

    Funny thing is, in PES4 it always used to be the small player who would win all the headers, it was ridiculous how many times Saviola would win headers over much taller players, and it was also ridiculous how big players would rarely win headers regardless if the CPU player is 7ft or 3ft.
  16. jrkhalil

    jrkhalil Non-League

    2 August 2005
    I am always able to aim for Staam and Terry when I take a corner kick. Here's how:

    as was stated earlier in the post, the defenders will come forward if you move your team's attack-mindedness all the way to red. Also, it helps "encourage" them if they have their attack-arrow pointing foward. But, everyone knows that it' dangerous to have the CB's playing with any arrows, (except maybe back.)

    What I do is set a mirror of my formation (except with the CB I want to come forward with a forward arrow) in the quick-switch screen, and set that formation to "[box]" strategy. The only time I toggle it with "[box]" is during corner kicks and other opportune free kicks. When the play is done, toggle back to the default formation and adjust the team's attack-mindedness accordingly.

    I hope i made sense with the "quick-switch' screen. It's the menu that allows you to change an "a" and "b" formation. You can then assign the "a" or "b" formations in the strategy menu, along with all the other plays like "right side attack" or "center attack."

    Works for me everytime.
  17. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    \\:o/ Oh that's a F'n brilliant idea Jrkhalil thanks a lot for sharing it with us.. I dont know how i didn't think of this. #-o

    Cheers mate.
  18. fantomas23

    fantomas23 League 1

    26 July 2003
    konami NEED to give us separate tactic settings for open play and dead ball situations (free kicks, corners). it's that simple. who is sick of having one of your players near your corner kick taker in case you want to short pass. it's like......i dont want to short pass, get in the box and try to score ya stupid c---!
  19. rob7dana

    rob7dana Non-League

    13 May 2003
    As mauras says, you can go to the strategy menu, then manual or semi auto and select CB overlap. Then select the defender you would like to go the opposition box in the corner kicks. I always use this option (I can´t remember since which number of WE series) and make a lot of scores with defenders (with the head or kicking). So, try it!!!!

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