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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Decker9, 19 April 2006.

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    Is there a way to bring the keeper up for a corner late in the game?

    I've heard that it is done automatically, well, then, the game must be really underestimating the importance of once losing 1-0 in a Cup Final when I had a corner is stoppage time.

    Also, how do you bring everyone on the team up?

    I understand how to use the Attack-Defense strategy bar thing, but everytime I try to make it max for every player, it just goes right back down.
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    2 August 2004
    That's cuz you haven't set it to "Manual" in formation screen. So it goes up and down on its own although you can tweak too but what I do is put on manual so ONLY I can change it and not dumb CPU.

    I guess if you go all out attacking and you are down, sometimes the AI may bring keeper up itself (I've had it happen couple times but not everytime I've needed a goal badly even though I was on max red).

    If you want to know about how to bring more players up for CK or defenders for example, check this out, it might help as it's already been discussed on this other thread and has some good tips:

    And this is some tips I gave myself a while back on what I do you might useful.

    The bottom part of the post is about this as the first part is my reply to some other matter.
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