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Brazil Home Kit + Inter Milan Away SALE!

Discussion in 'Football' started by ash, 27 February 2005.

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  1. ash

    ash DeMinistrator

    21 March 2004
    Man Utd

    I found these two, and I bought of this guy before, just wanted to know if you guys have any views? Looks real, anyone going to bid? Cheaper than shops!
    Last edited by a moderator: 3 March 2005
  2. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Hahaha. It might be an idea to make a new account on here to try and flog your stuff as your username is the exact same as the "sellers" email address in the description text.

    I'm not sure what our policy is here, but I dont think we like people trying to sell their own stuff using the sites bandwidth. Also your sig is probably breaking some sort of board rule we have here too.
    Last edited: 27 February 2005
  3. Parkin09

    Parkin09 No...I AM SPARTACUS

    7 March 2004
    ha ha ha classic

    what a fool
  4. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    No. :mrgreen:
  5. foxtrot

    foxtrot Shoe bomber

    24 December 2002
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Rangers FC
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Greek God of Football

    10 November 2003
    Washington DC
    Olympiacos & Inter

  7. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    Foxtrot, what is that avatar?
  8. loz

    loz Guest

    Please dont try and sell your stuff on here without at least asking the admin first. LOCKED.
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