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    Argentine soccer fan sues over lewd tattoo

    BUENOS AIRES, Jan. 22 (UPI) -- An Argentine soccer fan was furious when he discovered that instead of his favorite team's logo, a tattoo artist had etched a penis on his back.

    The teenage fan of Boca Juniors -- the club for which famed Argentine soccer legend Maradona played -- asked the artist to tattoo the team's logo on his back.

    The tattooist, however, was a fan of rival club River Plate and decided to have some fun at the Boca loyalist's expense, Terra Argentina reported Monday.

    The victim, whom authorities did not identify because he was underage, said he did not realize the artist's chicanery until he went home and show the tattoo to his parents.
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    F'n brilliant!! :mrgreen: :lol:

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