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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Ugeine, 28 February 2007.

  1. Ugeine

    Ugeine League 2

    1 October 2003
    I've played about ten seasons with different teams on master league now, and save a treble win with Arsenal it's been exactly the bloody same each season. For the first 6/12 games (league games and CL qualifiers) I do great, win whatever, qualify. But then as soon as im in the CL, if I do well in that I start to do crap in the league. If I do well in the league I do crap in the cups. I've tried everything, more players, less players, young players old players good players different tactics different formations different strategies and it always turns up the same. Take the latest of THREE 0-0 draws against Parma, Porto and AZ each game I had twenty plus shots with about 4 goals on target, whilst in the first few games of the season (barca, ac and Arsenal) I stole the show, 2-0 2-0 and 4-1. The latest thing that pissed me off was taking a shot with Smith in the 6 yard, all his shooting stats (inc attack) on 95, tapped the button filling up about a teenth of the power bar and he managed to sky it still. I have an uneasy feeling that this cup/league thing is a concious addition from Kanomi to stop you from charging up the wefa rankings (the expert guide said something about how it's designed to stop you from buying good players in the first couple of seasons). Am I just paranoid or is it true?

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