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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Abhishek, 10 September 2010.

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    29 January 2006
    So, I'm going to Warwick to study. I've got a BB Curve 8900 unlocked. I'm looking for the best plan that I can get for it. There's a system of contract I believe in the UK? Not sure how it works. Anyways, I want a plan to enable me to use BBM, Email as well as Internet. Looking for good interntional calling rates, and good calling rates to London. What would be the best plan?
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    First off, no mobile contract offers a good international calling plan so my advice here is to use Skype. Even if you are calling a landline abroad, its dead cheap and if you can get the people you are calling to sort themselves out with Skype, it will be free so its win win.

    All of your other requests just come down to a mobile contract then. Tesco Mobile have a great rolling contract (meaning you can cancel at any time) deal on at the minute which I think is £10 for 500 minutes and unlimited texts and unlimited internet (500MB fair usage though).

    Other than that, give GiffGaff a look. They offer a similar deal, but with 100 minutes instead of 500 I think, but for £5 a month. From the sounds of things though, you'd prefer the extra minutes.

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