big big gameplay problem : marking

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by chris31k, 28 October 2017.

  1. chris31k

    chris31k Non-League

    25 December 2010
    Hi everyone,

    i wonder if anyone has a solution.

    I think marking is a huge problem, a real game breaking issue of the game.

    the CB, DMF and WBs are always very far from the opponents attackers.

    IRL just look at Sergio Ramos. He's stuck to his CF on every game. Sergio Busquets does the same with the opposite AMF, every player who enters his zone is quickly marked tightly and pressed intensively. Carvajal also does it, he harasses the wingers constantly.

    I just can't defend on superstar or legend if my back-4 is 2 meters away from every attacking player. I can't defend properly if my midfielders doesn't put great pressure on the opposite midfielders.

    I try the advanced instruction of man marking but it can be set for only one opposite player, i try some gameplay patches, i try to assign the man marking skill to every CB and WB but nothing works.

    Can it be solved by tactics ? Or with some implemented code with nesatools or with Inmortal exe patches ?

    If someone could help me, it's the only flaw who make me rage quit the game regularly. And i think i'm not the only one :)
  2. kilay

    kilay International

    11 November 2016
    pray the lords for the next KONAMI exe, the defenders retreat happens also when you're in possession, in all the recent titles they wrong the placement of the defenders and also a WB new role is really necessary.Raise The def line doesn't change too much, this sort of elastic along the field is a crap, to see the defense adavance the ball should reach the 3/4 of the field. no sense.
  3. isureaper31

    isureaper31 Conference

    3 October 2016
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  4. chris31k

    chris31k Non-League

    25 December 2010
    Thks kilay, youre really a gift to this community. You did à wonderful job on tactics just a ****ing disgrace that modders achieve better things than Konami itself....keep up the good work mate its you that keep this game "alive"
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