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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Observer_, 29 August 2005.

  1. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    I noticed I score most of my goals from mid range shooting or less frequently a throw ball followed by a direct shot. In contrary to We8, I rarely score from 1 on 1 situations and headers as crosses are very hard to predict in this game. I find it It easier to score now from 1 on 1, but it rarely happens in the game with me anyway. I think shooting has become very effective that sometimes it looks too good to be true.

    What do you find the most efficient way to score in WE9?
  2. james_chelliah

    james_chelliah Non-League

    16 August 2003
    Man Utd
    I rarely score in 1 on 1 situations either, mainly because they hardly occur, unless I'm playing against a mate. When you play against the CPU, I hardly come up 1 on 1 with the keeper.

    Usually score shots from just outside the box, and crosses.
  3. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Yea, because they have about 8 men behind the ball.

    You just have to smash it from outside the box and hope it goes in or whip in cross after cross from the wing and if your lucky one will go in.
  4. Fatality

    Fatality Gawd like

    30 July 2005
    Wouldnt that be a great improvement, to see defences push up towards the half way line mroe so as to play the offside. Thsi would mean more 1-1s which are my all time favourite way to score, i love battling with the keeper.
  5. james_chelliah

    james_chelliah Non-League

    16 August 2003
    Man Utd
    yeah, I thought I was the only one who noticed that the defense play so low, that the high through ball is barely useable.
  6. BK_83

    BK_83 World Class

    7 June 2003
    try 6 stars... i can score quite a number of goals on 6 stars.. but on 5 stars.. its always 1-0
  7. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Funny thing is, I would say 6 stars is ALOT easier than 3 stars, soon as I whipped it on 6 stars I was beating everyone, yet on 3 I would be very lucky to score.

    I ain't got 6 now because of the OF so maybe thats why I have struggled the last few days because it has been on 5 :p
  8. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005
    I score more from crosses or cutbacks than anything else. Not many shots from outside the box, as that's not the way I play. 1-1's a bit more difficult now, as you need the composure too decide what shot to play (ie. normal or controlled) and the CPU hardly gives you any.

    Anyway, and efficient method of scoring is to pass to your CF and hve him hold the ball at just inside the top of the box. Trap using R2, then move one way and reverse/feint and once you get a small opening let go with a R2 shot. Goes in 80% for me. Problem is to wait for that opening.

    I did notice though, that line of sight for CPU keepers play a big part now. If you're opponent keeper is unsighted, chances of your shot going in are more as he'll react at the last moment. Also now, i've noticed this in some of my games, that players will move squueze out of the way of incoming shots from their teamates. No more inadvertent blocks.

  9. SPMC

    SPMC MY last WE07JLCC banners:

    22 February 2004
    califas norte
    by the sounds of it, 6* is more like a reward than a harder setting. :)
  10. johan

    johan Guest

    Since I got WE9 I don`t score many goals AT ALL. All games have been 1-1, 1-0, 2-1, or 2-2. The game is very difficult in some cases very difficult 99% you will lose the posesion once you come near the oponents goal. I haven`t even scored a single long shot goal.. so that pisses me off.
  11. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005
    I score most of my goals from outside the box and from corners. Corners are excellent in WE9. Freekicks I still havn't mastered, but from time to time I get one in.

    I also feel like 3* was just as hard if not harder then 6*. I'm winning most of my games and I play with Chelsea, still on my first season though. But I was expecting WE9 to have a serious learning curve. Oh well maybe chelseas too good
  12. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    I find free kicks much easier in WE9. I miss scoring from a header after a good cross, it rarely happens to me (maybe once or twice)! I am in season 2 now, and I score an average of 2 goals per match but all with the same technique. It is either I feint and shoot right outside the box, or a pass to my center forward who feint, stop (with R2) and shoot.
    There must be something I am missing in crossing in WE9 :)
  13. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005
    I use L1 + o when i cross...seems to work alot better...Any tips on Freekicks? I usually go with the R2 button over the wall technique.
  14. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Anyone else notice that if the CPU take an average shot on target the chances of your keeper saving it is like 5%?

    I played Charlton with Newcastle yesterday on 5 stars, and although I was ripping them in two, as usual they win a corner and somehow manage to header the ball past my keeper although my defender was in-front of him.

    Then I score 6 mins into the 2nd half to level it up, and as usual they all turn into a team full of Pele's, blitz up the wing, cross it in and win the header like none of my defenders existed.

    The game would be a bit easier if my keeper could actually save something now and again, but if the CPU have an average shot into him he rarely saves it, regardless who the keeper is.

    Ah well, here is a tip though: Don't play on 5 stars, it is bloody shit and impossible.
  15. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    Freekick Mid range (20+25M): Try to position my player to curl it over the wall. Then,I use down + right or left + R1 followed by TRAINGLE. I think Traingle gives more power to the ball in WE9.
    For further than that, I use only direction left or right + R1, and the traingle. be careful to position you player to shoot to the right angle. usually in long ranges, the ball has more time to curl which changes its course big time.

    Strange enough I find more problem in close free kicks like 18+ range. USed to score that pretty easy in WE8 using the R2, but now it doesn't seem to work. I tried using X with the R2, as advised here, but it doesn't feel right yet to me.

    On a side note, I do use L1+ O for cross and some times double tap but still I don't find it that easy to score.
    Do you use R2 to move your player before jumping for the header? I tried that with no success as well
  16. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    I cannot understand this at all. In every previous Pro Evo and Winning Eleven, the CPU would always paste me and I'd scream about the cheating, on here as well (I remember the days where me and Classic would make a list of what cheating went on and people like Coopz said "it doesn't cheat, what a load of bollocks", which only made us angrier). Playing the CPU on 5 star (or later on 6 star), I'd always get beat, either by one goal or four if I'd given up and had no soul left in me.

    However, in WE9, I can beat the CPU in 6-star without too much of a problem... Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these "im b0ss @ this game lOl come play me n ill fuckn hammer u lOl" guys. If I play anyone on here online, I'll almost always lose. PLaying online v Classic, Foxtrot, Coopz etc. was a nightmare for me. It'd range from 3-0 to 7-0, to them.

    But I seem to get a really fair game out of the CPU this time, and I can put three or four wins together before I get beat (all 1-0's mind).

    I think it's something that you've got to approach as a completely new game rather than another PES\WE. I've had to alter my whole tackling approach, as what I first regarded as the referee blowing every five seconds was actually because all of my tackles were just crap kicks at the opponent's legs - you can't just press and hold stab-tackle any more. That's just one example of parts of my game I've had to start from scratch, completely.

    Doesn't stop the CPU cheating, admittedly; but as far as I'm concerned, it's been "toned down" (although from your posts and a few others it seems to have gone up - I can't comprehend how).

    It's funny you mention the keeper being crap because I was going to come on here today and make a post about how the keepers have improved for one-player games... I'll just keep my mouth shut now. Maybe half of us have got a beta version or something... :|
  17. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Manchester United
    Scoring 1 on 1s is all about mastering the R2 shot. I kept using it again and again in the master league and I eventually figured out how to score 1 on 1 opportunities with it.
    Just practice the R2 shot.
  18. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    I had a long trainning session on shots and 1 on 1 yesterday, this is what I find:
    L1 shot: doesn't work like before at all. used to be my first option to lob it. Not any more.
    R1 shot: it is more like a low lob. It works sometimes.
    R2 Shot: it does work, but very unpredictable to me. it doesn't look like a lob shot, but it is rather more controled and curved maybe.

    in 1 on 1: most of the time I have to make my player approach the goalie with a slight angle to the left or right. Otherwise, it is more difficult to score if the player is facing the goalie.
  19. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005
    Have you tried using :r2: + direction to position yourslef and attack the ball. Then press :square: to finish off with a header, volley or scissors. Works well if you can get space. If not use headers; headers are way more easier to pull off now.


    Edit: Sorry observer. Didn't see ur 2nd post. :r2: is the KEY to heading and finishing crosses. It does have sort of a dual functionality too. :r2: w/ direction you can adjust your player to be in the better position to attack the incoming ball. If ur stuck with a defender, by holding R2 your player WILL tussle for the ball, and sometime can get to it, even if the defender is in front of you. I've socred many, many headers laready leaning over the shoulder of the DF to get the ball first.

    Oh, and this is probably why the CPU scored against KingPug too.

    Cheers all,
    Last edited: 30 August 2005
  20. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    I tried R2 AFTER I cross the ball. I just want to confirm I am getting you right. So now after I cross the ball say with L1 + O, I move my player using R2 towards the ball, and then I hit square.
    I tried it several times in the trainning, and weird I found out that I have a chance to score more WITHOUT the R2 positioing of my player. Maybe I move him in the wrong direction.

    OK, what if I used R1 + R2 (super cancel) to positio my player? isn't this supposed to give you control to move your player freely? what is the difference between (R1 + R2) and R2 only here?
  21. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    I agree with the view that 1 on 1 situations are very rare in WE9, due to the way the CPU defends (every team with 8 men behind the ball). At the moment I couldn't say that there is any one method where most of my goals come from, it seems quite varied. I seem to be just popping the ball about and hoping (praying) for an opportunity to have a clean strike on goal. A lot of my goals have come from free-kicks or penalties, scoring from open play is difficult.

    One gripe I have with corners. I like to fixz corners into the near post but the game often automatically selects the wrong player to receive these crosses, despite him being the better choice. It's practically impossible to select him, move him in front of the defender and place a first-time shot all before the ball reaches him.

    btw although I totally understand the 'cheating' issue people are raising, I think it's in danger of taking a stranglehold on the topic, Kezz has already had to ask people to stop going on about it in the ML thread. I'm not dismissing the issue but think this thread should try and stick to what the topic starter was aiming for.
  22. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    I used to score from corners a lot, but not any more in this version. Like ClassicD mentioned above, the wrong player moves to the ball and it is very difficul to select the player, move him and score. In WE8, I used to score always from corners using Up + R1 and double O. Now, I noticed when press Up in the pad the ball is lower than usual. I try only direction left or right + R1 and circle.

    Not a great success till now.
  23. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Yea I agree with that about corners, maybe thats why I barely score any because the cursor always goes to the wrong player, sometimes I can change the cursor myself but I need the reactions of a puma, another major flaw in my eyes.

    Yea but they should make a thread were we can come on and have a whinge now and then :p
  24. BK_83

    BK_83 World Class

    7 June 2003
    using R2 to position player for header is good, but not always neccessary, use it when you feel that your player cant get to the ball faster than the def or he is in a bad position to head, otherwise theres no need to use it
  25. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Yea but changing cursor and doing the R2 is pretty hard. I have to do the R2 thing quite alot because the CPU always moves my player behind the CPU player, making it impossible to win the header.

    I have practised a bit using the R2 moving and it is good, should make the game easier when I master it.
  26. SPMC

    SPMC MY last WE07JLCC banners:

    22 February 2004
    califas norte
    i like my chances on corners, which is 50-50. at first, i thought scoring on corners was harder than PES4 and WE8LE. until i stumbled on this technique...

    using an inswing kick, i would tap the d-pad away from the goal (for some reason: 2 taps for right footed kicker, and 3 taps for left footer). press :circle: for one-third to less than half on the power guage. when the view changes, i'll press up and keep it pressed through the whole sequence. when the kicker plants his anchor foot (before he kicks the ball!), is when i'll press :square: and keep it pressed! 50-50, which imho makes it realistic.

    so basically: inswing kick.

    d-pad 2-3 taps AWAY from goal.

    :circle: 1/3 to less than 1/2 power.

    :view changes:

    d-pad depressed up.

    :square: depressed when kicker plants anchor foot before striking the ball.

    i hope this technique works for anyone else, cause i rely on it :D
  27. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    Nice tip, SPMC. I will give it a shot tonight. Hopefuly, I will get back to scoring from corners. I really miss that in WE9 :)

    A good tip to score and I think it is mentioned above somewhere is to pass the ball to my CF as soon as poosible. I used to slow down the ball in the mid feild. I noticed in WE9 opponents players rush back in case they loose the ball and the more time you waste the more difficult it gets to reach your CF.

    I let the mid feild player pass the ball to my CF. Then, I try to R2 dribble with my CF. Then, I either pass/throw to one of the midfeilds players, or when a space is free I try to shoot. I think jiwa recomennded that above.

    I tried it yesterday, and I noticed I score much more. When CF has the ball, the opponent tends to make more mistakes (fouls, penality, free spaces in defense).
  28. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005
    Can't really see the benefits of using :r2: in TRAINING mode as you're fairly unmarked there. Use it in game, and you'll get the hang of it.

    From what I know, 'super cancel' is to stop a player on his pre-scripted movement/run. I rarely found the need to use it in WE9 yet (in goalscoring situations), as usuage of :r2: is fine for me. What I'm saying is you'll find your success rate of connecting w/crosses go up, but whehter you score or not is another issue. I feel getting to the ball is the hard part. Try to work it into your gameplay slowly, it'll bear fruit in the long run (especially at higher levels).

    Cheers 2 U.
  29. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005

    Have U tried about 1/4 power inswinging. Contact made by player 6yrd box near post. Also try 1/4 power +r2 outswinging. If free can contact somewhere a yard off the

    IMO I feel the volleys in WE9 are a bit too scripted (read easy to pull off, prefered We8LE where U had to manually hold off a bit to let the ball drop) Now it seems when the conditions are right for a volley, the game already decides for you if :square: is pressed, and strat the volley animations. For a second or so, you realise that you're no longer in control.

    IN sthis respect I had so much flexibility in WE8LE. As a ball comes in, I could head, decide hold back (allow ball to drop), to volley, then change my mind, and instead trap or chest.

    Now the box is so packed with defenders that if you, don't take the opportunity, you've lost the chance. Also, now its not so easy to move if there is an opponent in your way. You can't just easily barge past.

    Thats al I can chip in with .
  30. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    I still find super cancel (R1 + R2) useful in We9 in gaining control on my forward after a throw pass. The player connects with the ball earlier than the defender. Other than this, it has never been useful to me.

    jiwa, I tried R2 as recommneded, and I think I am getting some success now. The main problem is that crosses are very unpredictable in WE9. In We8, the player crosses the ball by default to one of the team players in the penality area. In We9, even when I try to aim, the ball goes very far from my forward.

    I was so pleased that they have the WG position cause I really like to play from the sides. But with the way I suck in high crosses, I always rely to attack from the center.

    I will keep on trying !

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