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  1. Tech 999

    Tech 999 Unattached

    23 September 2007
    Can you'll tell me which in all of the J.League Winning Eleven CC game series:
    a. Has the best game play
    b. Has an English language translated Option File (I know the original game is 100% Japanese but which games were translated by modders).

    Thanks for your replies.
  2. vihn78

    vihn78 League 1

    22 July 2006
    Częstochowa, Polska
    Real Madrid, Napoli
    I would definitely go for winning eleven 9 asia championship, not only cause it has a wonderful gameplay, but its the only j-league game of the series that has national teams too. I am desperately trying to find it, but seems very hard. I would even work on a patch if i manage to find it
  3. du0

    du0 Quietly brilliant

    10 October 2008
    I have it :BOP:
    Send me a PM, we'll talk

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