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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by corcks, 18 November 2006.

  1. corcks

    corcks Non-League

    24 March 2006
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    What formation do people use, i've been playing online and it's getting too much like groundhog day. The exact same carbon copy goals scored all the time against me. You know the one, left winger run down the wing to the byline knock it back into the 6 yard box for the striker to tap it in. What gets me is my defenders are knowwhere to be seen, i've now had to resort to 5 at the back to stop this happenning. Is there any other way of stopping this?
  2. caninho

    caninho Non-League

    26 April 2006
    Maybe anyone would upload hes formation or will show us some pics?
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  3. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn League 2

    14 May 2006
    London, UK
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    That is so true it made me laugh, you summed up playing online perfectly. I think it's because everything feels worse online, so you need to tap it into an empty net. Tried shooting from outside the box? It's Row Z or a pass back isn't it? :P

    Theres no sure way to prevent this, but having your wing backs in a defensive strategy and having two anchor players in front of the centre backs, and two forward wide players ahead of them. I believe this is Inter Milan's default formation - and I find it effective as bringing the anchor players across or in front to stop abuse of wide plays.
  4. Pickford

    Pickford Banned

    10 February 2006
    i personaly prefer a 5-3-2 with wing backs attacking this cuts out the noobs who pull the ball back and give sufficient width for then you are attacking:D
  5. zeus78

    zeus78 zeus

    17 February 2005
    I prefeer 4-4-1-1 which i use offline and online. The problem is that you can play with 4 forwards offline and you will win the matches. Online you have to play with a better deffense, otherwise you will loose ;)
  6. Unevilized

    Unevilized Banned

    28 June 2006
  7. kongbuur

    kongbuur Non-League

    29 October 2006
    Try playing with 4 defenders and make all of them CB's (in stead of LB,CB,CB,RB) - Your full backs can still have attacking arrows, but the role change will make them less vulnerable to wing attacks. You need 4 decent CB's to do this. There's not much point in doing this on your right back with Zambrotta or Belletti, but it will work well with Thuram or Puyol. Also, to spread it out, someone needs to be either RM or RW (same in left side of course)
    I play 4CBs and a DM, they kinda make it out for a defence. Then I play 2 AM, 2 WG and a lone striker/Target man with defensive duties and backward arrow to make it up for an attack. Under pressure this feels like 4-5-1 with good Counter Attack options. When in control you are playing an attacking 4-3-3, and with the AM's running forward, you have something like 4-1-5.

    But hey, in general you need to make a formation that suits the team and not the other way round. Perhaps I use 2 wingers and a target man and your team has noone who can play WG and all possible forwards are 1.66 meters tall.
  8. aaarrrggh

    aaarrrggh League 2

    20 March 2005
    You can counter this by using man marking. Put your left back and right back on AGGRESSIVE man marking, and that should really help.

    I've played games against people with these shitty tactics before, but when you use the man marking tactic it basically ruins their day. It's funny to see them try to blast the ball to the wing every time they get it, only to have my defender intercept the pass.

    Try it.
  9. uk_stanners

    uk_stanners Conference

    3 October 2003
    i just put my left and right back as close to the bylines as possible... and deeper than normal

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