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best barcelona formation

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Lettuce1980, 2 June 2007.

  1. Lettuce1980

    Lettuce1980 european champion

    8 July 2003
    Panathinaikos FC
    hi,could you plese tell me the best formation setting for barca?
  2. naz11

    naz11 five-a-side legend

    1 June 2006
    F.C. Barcelona
    4-3-3 with two (ss) strikers and on lone centre forward .
    in the midfield there should be one defensive midfielder and one centre midfielder and one attacking midfielder. the full backs should be very attacking and pushed up as possible , like wing backs . this is the best formation for barcelona it is the total football style where every body gets involved in attack and defence and the best way to defend is to attack.
  3. Lettuce1980

    Lettuce1980 european champion

    8 July 2003
    Panathinaikos FC
    thanks mate
    i will try it tonight.
  4. Pye266

    Pye266 Championship

    3 February 2006
    Celtic & Derry City fc

    I second that, Thats exactly how i have my Barcelona setup on my PES6....:applause:
  5. total

    total International

    10 December 2005
    Arsenal/OGC Nice
    Any advice on Benfica formation, please?
  6. Dan85

    Dan85 Non-League

    11 July 2006
    thats just the default formation isnt it?
  7. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005
    With barca I play 4-3-3





    Messi(SS) Eto'o(CF) Saviola(LW/SS)

    Now that's the way to go!
  8. Gekko64

    Gekko64 League 2

    2 May 2006
    zambro - puyol - thuram - gio

    everybody on normal defense except eto'o and messi on low.
    only 2 guys with attacking arrows should be messi (forward-inside + forward-outside) and eto'o ( forward + forward-left side)

    I know that Deco should be AMF instead of xavi, but with konami's crappy stats he is better than xavi at defending, so it's better to put him on CMF.

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