Become a Legend as Goalkeeper

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  1. Kefke

    Kefke Non-League

    13 May 2007
    I was playing Become a Legend with my player named Kefke. I'm playing with AC Milan and normally I play center forward.
    But then 1 day at the beginning of a new season, I looked at the formation of my team and saw that we didn't have a goalkeeper anymore, I think they where all transfered to other teams.
    So the trainer decided to put me as a goalkeeper (didn't knew it was possible).
    I could not control my character and after 12 min he switched me back to center forward and put another regular player in the goal (like Benzema or Luis Fabiano).
    He kept switching the goalkeeper with normal players on the field.
    And if you want to know the game ended on a draw 1-1 with a goal from me. But what do you want with a normal player as a goalkeeper in the goal.


    Youtube Video:
  2. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
    :) This game has bugs. Thumbs down Konami...again.

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