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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Dar, 14 November 2008.

  1. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Ok so I'm in my third season of my BAP Career. Was signed by Inter at the start of this season and have played nearly all the way through, think I have about 8 games left at this stage.

    Now it started out fine, I was signed as a first teamer so have played all but one match, which was the first one of the season. WHat I have found though is that in the last 8-10 games the CPU has started playing all Inters reserve players around me. I mean Julio Cesar is in goal and if I'm lucky Rivas is one of the back four, the rest are reserves/youth squad members. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it the games way of making it more difficult or what?
    At the moment I'm sitting top of the league by about 2 points (with that one game in hand you always have in Fifa) but it's becoming increasingly hard to even get chances in games due to the rest of my team being pretty much shit. I either have to create something myself or else become an OMF and try to dictate the attack and put one of the AI players though on goal and hope he somehow flukes a decent finish. :SHOCK:
    I'm starting to drop a whole load of points with 0-0 draws or if I'm lucky 1-1 draws.
  2. evacuate

    evacuate GIR! Unleash the monkey!

    21 September 2007
    IKEA land
    I heard about this before. I think there might be a bug where players that has been injured or suspended will not get back in the team. Looks like this is what has happened to you.
  3. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Christ I hope not... It's the entire team apart from Julio Cesar and Rivas, and with the frequency of the AI getting sent off (1 per game recently) I'll be stuck entirely with the reserves any game now. Makes the game a bit shit to play, it's seriously annoying.
  4. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
  5. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Thanks for giving me the option of searching through 300 pages... :WORSHIP:

    If it's known then fair enough, I guess I have to put up with it. I just haven't read much about the bugs etc...
  6. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Damn, this sounds bad!

    Let's hope the patch fixes this and the crab-walking bug and all other issues.

    I just started a BAP mode too and I'm not looking forward to this problem. Game's sick though and so is the mode! :D
  7. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Should be studying for exams but been hooked on playing Be a Pro past couple days.

    I'm halfway through my first season in Bundesliga with real life player, Nuri Sahin. I picked him on purpose because I wanted someone who has decent quality but isn't a definite first-teamer and is basically on the 'verge' and border of his national team and club starting 11.

    At first I'd play one Bundi match followed by playing for 'reserves' next week. But after some good displays, manager said : "This guy has potential and is now part of my starting 11". Since then been playing every week in Bundi matches and helping Dortmund top the table though there is fierce competition behind us.

    This mode is a LOT of fun and of course can even be improved further.

    Somethings I'd like to see are:

    Get subbed off - Yes most people wouldn't like this but it'd be realistic for manager to sometimes sub me off rather than always other players, especially since my fatigue is often more than any other.

    GEt subbed on - it'd be nice to start on bench and have manager introduce you in 70th minute one nothing down hoping you can change things... imagine then you lay off that wonderful through ball and your team equalizes!!!!

    I've not gotten injuried yet either. Is that possible? How long are you out for?

    Finally I HOPE (but don't have any expectation) that my club signs OTHER players at end of season. Because I wouldn't mind staying with them and establishing myself even more but NOT if I will play with the exact same starting 11 we usually do. That'd be a boring... but having new players join or leave our club will make it so much more realistic.

    This mode will be insane probably in FIFA 10. Cuz the basics are there now and with a bit more detail and little additions like these, it'll become incredibly realistic.

    p.s. I noticed sticky threads for other modes but none for Be a Pro. Tried searching for it but it returned no results. Please direct me to the main thread if there's one. I'd like reading others stories and adventures about this.
  8. nerf

    nerf Forming triangles

    10 September 2003
    West Mids, UK
    Aston Villa
    Hi PLF, long time no see. Hope you're well.

    You can get injured, I can remember missing at least a couple of games with one injury (may have been three matches, not sure). I was gutted because one of those was an international, and one was a league fixture away at St Andrews! ;)

    No clubs in BAP mode make transfers. It's a shame, hopefully they'll expand that for 2010.

    Other things I'd like to see in the next version are: a full career, not just four seasons. A full calendar with all the domestic and international competitions. Much better feedback from your coaches on how you are performing. Monthly/Annual Player Awards. Contract negotiations. The ability to move in the January transfer window, not just the summer, and perhaps request to be transfer listed or loaned? Obviously fix the bug with suspended players not returning to the first team, too.

    I could go on. Like you said, PLF, there's the basis of a fun mode there, it just needs fleshing out to be a more well-rounded experience. At the moment it suffers from just trotting from one match to the next, which I find can get a little repetitive after a while.

    A little about my own BAP career:
    I started at Northampton in League Two, established myself as a first-teamer there, then moved up to Preston in the Championship. We won the division in my first season, but found the Premiership much too hot to handle and were relegated the following year :(. I hoped that another Premiership club would come in for me, but despite being an England international by this stage, none did. I chose instead to move abroad and spend my fourth season in sunny Tuscany with Siena, where we're also currently battling against relegation.

    A couple of highlights - this volley for Preston and this free-kick for Siena.
  9. Tim7

    Tim7 Retired Footballer

    6 May 2003
    Charlton Athletic FC
    Very nice goals :)).
  10. Phat J 22

    Phat J 22 League 1

    20 December 2008
    do you guys play online BAP? its miles better than the single player mode if you have a couple friends you can play with. i could never get past being the only player on the team and having to ask for the ball from the computer, i only managed to get through one game.

    BAP online on the other hand is the only thing that i play, its addicting. although you have a different experience if you play by yourself with a bunch of randoms.
  11. Tim7

    Tim7 Retired Footballer

    6 May 2003
    Charlton Athletic FC
  12. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    It's a privilege to be talking to you again Nerf :) and yah I can see why it'd be painful to miss the away match at St. Andrews for you personally. ;)

    Your suggestions would all make this mode a LOT more well-rounded and 'alive'. Like you said, at the moment the foundations are there for a really superb mode which is already a great deal of fun and addictive. (hence why I'm playing this instead of studying for exams lol) But because of certain small matters like the constant (and not changing/evolving environment) it can get a little boring.
    I hope to see the changes you suggested in FIFA 10. And yah make it more than 4 seasons and make players age, decline in attributes, club change formations, transfers, etc.

    Yah things like this are a real shame and bring the mode's longevity way down.

    Having completed my first season with Dortmund, it was a pleasure playing with my team-mates and in the yellow and black colours and I'd have loved to stay with the team and help them mount an even more serious challenge next year (as we fell away in the latter weeks similar to your Villa :/ ) but the thought of playing 34 games again with the VERY same players was not too pleasant. Especially since I found the AI doesn't even change the starting line-up (unless there's a suspension or injury), no rotation which is ridiculous and often the same exact substitutes as well. So when playing in a team that has Frei, M. Zidan and Nelson Valdez in attack, never ONCE did I play with Valdez in striker position with me trying to set him up. He never got a minute! Zidan only made 2 or 3 sub appearances. But the game was already more fun when he was in because at least there was a new factor....

    So come the end of season, I accepted Juve's proposal and am now instead setting up chances for the likes of Del Piero, Amauri and Trezegoal! :)

    This way, I figured, new league, new teams to face (not same ones with exact same line-up), new stadiums and most importantly new team-mates! It's been challenging so far but lots of fun and I can see why players in real life sometimes just want a new 'challenge'! :p

    So this bug that Dar mentioned here looong time ago has still not been fixed in a patch or anything?!?! Damn!! This is a real shame, especially since Chiellini was just suspended and now I see Poulsen who isn't even a CB but can play there fill up for him 3-4 games in a row even though by now the suspension must be over.

    This is a real problem just like the 'lack of rotation'. Hence why I think, I'll now stay at this club long enough to hopefully become 'club captain' and be able to change starting line up and formation prior/during each match. That will definitely make the game more fun.

    Question is, how do you become captain? Do I just continue raising in popularity and performance or does someone like Del Piero have to retire or be sold neither of which you guys say is possible... :CONFUSE:

    p.s. Beautiful goals by the way!!

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