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Ball keeps going way over the croass bar??

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by SilentscreamP, 30 October 2006.

  1. Does anyone know how to keep the ball down from going over the cross bar at close range. I thought that a simple tap of the shoot button would keep it down and low, but no it goes way over. This seems a crazy shot idear. Can somone xplain to me in simple terms why it is doing this and how to stop it.
  2. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    Lots of these threads... :)

    Anyways, it is just the shooting system in PES6. You can try and not press the shoot button until just when the player would start making the shot. Other than that, you will just have to live with it. :/
  3. Well in training mode it doesnt seems to do it much at all, so why does it do it online. You say when the player is about to make the shot, well isnt right infront of goal when he would make a shot?? it just seems crazy to me, that 4 out of 5 times when i am through on goal, i sky the ball over the bar.
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  4. airjoca

    airjoca International

    29 July 2003
    Amadora, Portugal
    SL Benfica
    That usually only happens to me when i'm under pressure from defenders.
  5. fabian_99

    fabian_99 Conference

    6 May 2006
    Brussels, Belgium
    Anderlecht, Liverpool
    for me i got a lot of my shoots going far away from the target , don't know how to get it between the 2 posts
  6. Sub-Conscious

    Sub-Conscious Conference

    3 September 2005
    they have made the shooting harder, which is fair enough, but in a way it makes it better when you score a peach from way out, like i did last night. i'm starting to get used to it now, and realised that its much more about timing of the button press, rather than the power you put on it. for volleys, you have to be in the perfect position to hit it well, sometimes that means using R2 as its coming towards you.
  7. kdjac

    kdjac League 2

    3 May 2004
    Press R2 when the shoot gauge is where you want it.
    Page 10 in the manual 3rd from bottom.

  8. u03mdr

    u03mdr Non-League

    22 June 2003
    I have to agree. The shot meter rises much more rapidly on any of the PCs that I have played PES6 on in comparison to the PS2 version. It really gets my goat!

    Looking in the button configuration prog on the PC I can see that when releasing a button on my controller (PS 2 Gamepad through Play USB adapter) the button is still detected as depressed for a moment, even after it has been released. I think this is the culprit.

    Side footing shots with R2 is a workaround but isn't great. Or play the PS2 version but miss out on the improved PC visuals....
  9. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    Well, that would be a "Controlled Shot", which is a broadside shot. There are times when you want to put a hard wrist shot along the ground, and that is seemingly impossible to do at times.
  10. Morientes

    Morientes Conference

    30 October 2006
    If there is a bug with the shooting on PC, is there any chance at all that they might release a patch? I mean this must release a patch to fix the securom issue after all??

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