back playing winning eleven 9

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by marcio mengao, 11 January 2008.

  1. marcio mengao

    marcio mengao Non-League

    21 December 2006
    the game is outdated and have some irritating flaws like enormous number of stupid flaws. but it is much more fun than pes/we 2008 cause the passing is much better and it is much much harder to drible and make individual runs and plays.
  2. Caspero

    Caspero Non-League

    4 February 2006
    I agree. It is sad, but everytime I & my bro test a new we, we turn back to we9 :|
  3. ALAIN

    ALAIN blue!!!!

    22 February 2005
    chelsea fc,psg
    yep you 're right guys here,anyone knows where i can get a decent option file for this great game?(i mean with the new kits etc..)
  4. marcio mengao

    marcio mengao Non-League

    21 December 2006
    nope. i don't think anyone will pay that much attention to this old game to make a patch. people in a brazilian forum are trying to get together to pull this off. but i don't think they will get there.
  5. sauce

    sauce Warriors

    20 September 2005
    Chatbox, Brazil
    WE9 is PES5 right? So I believe theres a OF in the "Peraphs Seabass..." thread.

    BTW I still play PES5 once in a while and I'd like to see something new for this game too. Who is trying to update it marcio?
  6. matherto

    matherto 20 times 20 times Man United

    13 October 2004
    St. Helens, Merseyside.
    Manchester United
    PES5 is perfect in my eyes. The passing and shooting is spot on, the speed is fast, but not too fast, and it's just a completely solid title to play. It's all gone wrong since...
  7. Ret KiT

    Ret KiT Premiership

    25 March 2007
    $eaba$$ should be ashamed, i am playing we9 as weLL
  8. not so wise owl

    not so wise owl Conference

    7 February 2003
    Im playing and patching WE9 still, kit model 59 is nearly ok, shoulders slightly off and numbers sometimes overlap rear sponsors, does anyone know if the scoreboard is editable? would love to put a sky sports logo in there.
  9. oliocop

    oliocop Non-League

    23 September 2005
    I agree with you...WE9 is the best!

    A patch for it could be wonderfull! :-D
  10. spaceman

    spaceman League 2

    18 June 2003
    I too must agree although my favourite was WE9-JL (PS2) but since i now play PES/WE on PC for the better graphics/resolutions i play WE9 with a PES5 patch it's just so much more fun than anything since
  11. oliocop

    oliocop Non-League

    23 September 2005
    Does someone knows if exists some Option File updated to 2007/08 for WE9?
  12. Ryck

    Ryck Non-League

    8 August 2005
    I came here for this exact reason I still play this game as well ... I need an updated option file only ( not a patch) are their any around?
  13. b2y2006

    b2y2006 Premiership

    23 April 2006
    Saudi Arabia
    Al Ittihad Jeddah

    Me to WE9 JL is the best then comes WE10JL in my eyes:)


  14. Caspero

    Caspero Non-League

    4 February 2006
    are there any update patches for we9?
  15. zerovector

    zerovector Champions League

    1 December 2006
  16. b2y2006

    b2y2006 Premiership

    23 April 2006
    Saudi Arabia
    Al Ittihad Jeddah
    hi ,

    ANy WE9JL \WE9 patches or update para with new transfares ??


  17. DJ Doc45

    DJ Doc45 Banned

    WE9 is basically the same as PES5 from my understanding so you should be ok.
  18. Madmac79

    Madmac79 Championship

    11 September 2006
    Winnig Eleven 9/Pes5/Winning Eleven 9 J.league were the top of this wonderful series. When WE10 came out, I was expecting just an adjustment of the cpu offensive play, than, along with some other details, it would be almost perfect... but we all know how it all end up: the game was "rewritten", more fast, more "arcadey", the defense totally svalued in front of now "almost-old-fifa-like" unrealistically unstoppable players.

    So, put me in the club: i tried WE10, i back to Pes5. I tried Pes 6, We 10 j league, and this really, really bad Pes2008 (thank you for this wonderful piece of **** that you made us pay for Seabass :LIE: , hope Fifa gives your crapful game a BIG kick in the ass next year, if you'll keep make abomination like pes 2008), and ALWAYS back to PES5/WE9 J.League, with sporadic matches on the good, old ones on the ps1 (i'm too attached to iss pro evolution!).

    Anyway, it would be wonderful to see a new patch for the last, real Konami's soccer masterpiece... but i don't believe it will happen :(( , even if i still hope...
  19. binary0x01

    binary0x01 League of my own!

    6 May 2008
    LA area
    Spartak Moscow FC
    We9 all tha way!
  20. flofloflo

    flofloflo Conference

    30 October 2004
    WE9LE : the best of the best
  21. trebel

    trebel Champions League

    10 December 2005
    WE7 is my fav.
    best one ever
  22. gurjisfit

    gurjisfit League 2

    11 November 2003
    how much better is we9 j-league compared to pes 5 - i've heard it's a slower more considered game - less constant pressure from cpu?
  23. Mikey88

    Mikey88 Conference

    2 April 2006
    I'm still playing PES5 on PC with SUPERPATCH 4.0. I'm trying to update that game the best i can. I have most of the new kits as it is quite easy to update them in kitserver. (i just use NERO's new kits and put them in there.) I'm also trying to create players, do the transfers but its a long process and i could use some help. Maybe some of you guys can help me out with this. Then we could have a PES5 upodated Superpatch for 08/09 season!!!
  24. tellwho

    tellwho Non-League

    24 June 2008
    Is it a PC version or PS2? Isn't it a Korean release? What is the difference between it and WE9I or WE9JL? Sorry about so many questions. :LOL:
  25. ntalex

    ntalex Conference

    8 January 2004
    Ukraine, Kyiv
    Obolon, Kyiv
    I’m still playing we9_le with adapted patch Legend, which originally was created for PES5.
    So, I don’t need adjusted line up ;)

  26. StayingPower

    StayingPower Premiership

    2 April 2006
    Manchester United
    ntalex, is that available for download anywhere or did you do it yourself?
  27. ntalex

    ntalex Conference

    8 January 2004
    Ukraine, Kyiv
    Obolon, Kyiv
    I made a conversion to we9_le(PC) for myself and some friends.
    There were added (Spartak Moscow 77-87, Dynamo Tbylysy 81, all faces for USSR86-88 and so on)
    U may check here:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: 14 July 2008
  28. flofloflo

    flofloflo Conference

    30 October 2004
    Have you got a english version of presentation? I'm very interested by this patch legend
  29. ntalex

    ntalex Conference

    8 January 2004
    Ukraine, Kyiv
    Obolon, Kyiv
    Originally patch was made by Leo21 for PES5. I just slightly adopted at my taste to we9le.
    U may take more details here:

    Looking for Pes5/we9/we9lek T&s Exe Editor V2.2b
    W'd be pleased for link to d/l.
    Last edited: 14 July 2008
  30. flofloflo

    flofloflo Conference

    30 October 2004
    thanks ntalex

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