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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by buttcrack, 25 November 2007.

  1. buttcrack

    buttcrack Arsenal

    16 March 2007
    i was playing chelsea in the master league european championship losing 0-1 at home in the 1st leg.. 2nd leg i won 1-0 and the game went into extra time, both team scored a goal each and the match ended 2-1 to me. agg score 2-2, i was thinking the match shld be decided on penalty but surprising i won the match on away goal.. is it right this way? :shock:
  2. Slyfox™

    Slyfox™ Non-League

    31 October 2007
    Man Utd
    Yes, seems right to me.
  3. doncherrati

    doncherrati Captain

    7 October 2007
    As Roma for their shirts,
    away goals are waged more so if you make 2 in stead of the one the com made you win
  4. buttcrack

    buttcrack Arsenal

    16 March 2007
    away goal counts after 90 mins too?
  5. AleksR9

    AleksR9 League 2

    27 August 2007
    AC Milan
    of course it does
  6. buttcrack

    buttcrack Arsenal

    16 March 2007
    ah i see.. thank you all for clearing my doubts :)
  7. Dougeh

    Dougeh Conference

    21 July 2007
    Im not so sure about that actually. How can an away goal count after normal time - there was no extra time in the first leg so it wouldn't be fair. I thought the standard practice was once it goes to ET in a second leg, away goals go out the window. Could be wrong ... but seems ridiculous to me.
  8. gr@h@m

    gr@h@m Gooner

    21 January 2007
    I have an inkling that you are right Dougeh. I remember that from somewhere, and it does make sense.
  9. AleksR9

    AleksR9 League 2

    27 August 2007
    AC Milan
    it sounds weird to me aswell but could be true not sure, apparantely it is in the game:P
    Last edited: 26 November 2007
  10. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro
    It is right, it may look unfair like Dougeh said, but on the other hand home team gets 30min more playing home...

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