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Asian teams ?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by IcHiRo, 22 October 2005.

  1. IcHiRo

    IcHiRo Guest

    Hi, i'm a new member, i'm french so i'm sorry for my bad english. I just get the game and i heard that we can have all asian teams like Thailand for example ... What do we have to do to get them ? Is there a patch in this forum to have these teams ? Please answer me, thanks !
  2. Glavisted

    Glavisted Premiership

    20 July 2005
    Lima, PerĂº
    They're just in the option Nippon Challenge, in the original game; you only can play with Japan in this option.
  3. IcHiRo

    IcHiRo Guest

    Oh i see, i though that we can play with thailand ... :(

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