Ashamed PES deserter and FIFA player, is it OK to come back?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by gimpymoo, 19 April 2019.

  1. real022

    real022 Conference

    22 October 2016
    Today I have uninstalled PES for good.
    Deleted all the patches and option files as well (PC).

    It started great with an amazing demo, while those low cross passes by AI did not overwhelmed everything.
    It was fun to fight against Superstar level, and even the demo online matches were good.

    Soon after the release, somehow all the fun playing against AI disappeared. Shallow, bland, boring as hell.
    Same, same and more of the same.

    Pes ML compared to career in Fifa is laughable.

    Only thing where, maybe, you can actually enjoy in that heavier and more firm ball physics which Pes still has (as a tiny advantage over Fifa), is a couple of games with friends, face to face.

    Everything else is just bad.
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  2. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    I had a ML i started with Newcastle which i was getting my ass kicked with all the tactics, so i moved to Trabzonspor.

    The TS plays a large factor in some teams being rather shit and when your TS goes up, it helps you get on a roll i'd say. as for individuality, i brought Goetze and Sami Castellejo and i realised it was a mistake because both where too lightweight for such an average team and got overpowered when i needed more robust Watford style players. So i give the game props for that.

    I should keep going with the ML but in my shame i need to finish Jamaica national team kits.
  3. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002

    And that is because stats don't matter and don't have a real effect ingame, at least 60% of stats are purely cosmetic (speed stats, shot stats and weak foot stats specially).
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  4. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    The thing about modern PES is that they are plain, predictable and shallow.

    The boring ping pong passes, dribble, cross, shoot and score routines ("They are running riots!") have been the core of the game since 2016 or so. Go play 2014 and then right after 2019 (or even 2017) to feel how empty and numb they feel in comparison with 2014 (a game that has it's own faults).

    Yes, it may have something to do with the shitty aspect of modern football, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Look at what Fifa has done with their game settings and sliders: it represents the modern game, yet is closer to the real sport in terms of pace, physicality and being contextual.

    For PES, tactics and dt1XX (PC only) tinkering help, but don't solve hard coded problems like player individuality, team chemistry, variety, unpredictability, perfect AI passes, proper body position, stats and special abilities that don't have a real impact ingame and proper physics and mechanics (2014 was a great base to as true as it gets with this, but listening to "the community" response screwed the plans Konami had going forward).
  5. gimpymoo

    gimpymoo League 2

    24 October 2007
    Well said @loco

    10 years ago, FIFA was a joke but credit to EA Vancouver and pals for somehow pulling it out of the ground and really turning it around.

    The way I see it, FIFA has evolved and PES has just survived.

    If FIFA can add even more depth to their career modes (Not that it is bad now) they will have a very good game on their hands.

    Even the "Journey"... not everyones cup of tea granted BUT it was something different and new and honestly, it was another reason to play FIFA.

    PES still looks like something from 10 years ago, it has not evolved.
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  6. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    PES 2014 was a proof of concept, PES 2019 is light years ahead. The AI score different goals from my experience, yeah some more than others, again i goes to what i said already, the game works around how much space you give the AI, it just sounds as if your having issues handling them, I'm sorry. i have to be honest here.

    FIFA sliders are a pathetic cop out, its why its in such serious problems and why many ever ardent FIFA fans say FIFA 19 its the very worst FIFA ever and the community is growing ever fed up with the game. That's all i will say, i will say more in a private message, this is a PES thread.

    You keep talking about perfect AI passes, i saw this for years and years, AI passing is heavily dependant on the space you give them.

    What? FIFA 09 was a joke??? FIFA 09 was revolutionary for its time, its was just really arcadey, its was far, far better than all the recent half arsed efforts which is all about online anyway.
  7. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
    Funnily enough, the ardent FIFA fans only say that because FIFA isn't the arcade game anymore that it used to be. PES has turned into FIFA, and FIFA has turned into PES.
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  8. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    Heh... @klashman69 must be right, lads. We are all simply shite at the game.

    I play Ultimate difficulty in Fifa, played SS on Pes18 and Top player Fuma on Pes17.

    But I simply must be too shite for PA0 Professional difficulty on Pes19.
    There is no other explanation that we keep conceding same goals and our players dont react to what we press.

    Pes19 is a fantastic game!
  9. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    So if I give Huddersfield (or worse, a poor second-division team) all the space in the world, it's realistic that they string tons of first-time perfectly-aimed passes together? Without so much as a first-touch? Is the reason that they went down nothing to do with their skill, but the amount of space they didn't get compared to other teams?

    No. Not every professional could pass the ball with 100% aim/power accuracy. No wonder you don't mind how attributes are currently represented (for human and AI)...

    You have to represent a 90 minute match in a short space of time (by default) and this is how Konami choose to do it, and that's fine. But to make these excuses for the AI taking a terrible team and making them play with the laser-point accuracy of the best teams in the world, throwing out anything that makes a team's skillset unique (and requiring them to play differently from the best teams)... Well, this is why PES never changes.
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  10. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    Its just broken, thats the problem. I was so ashamed at how bad the demo was i just didn't even bother with more than 4 games, EA are more focused on banning copyrighted content than fixing their game.

    Man, even this summer with my uncles amateur team, I've seen them put nice slick passing moves together, we all play 2 touch training, its a basic thing in football, what makes it hard is under pressure, literal, mental and fatigue. That's what makes it difficult in pro football.

    Also, i haven't even called PES 2019 the best 'simulation' ever at all, no football game is, i think all modern football games if I'm honest are far, far away from representing football right now, something is missing from it, the whole concept feels rather outdated, archaic in a way, i mean is up there with one of the most realistic PES games but its not saying much. Even the classic are dated now in terms of simulation.

    It also helps not reading this forum much and not having a little group who get annoyed and are so determined to have everyone agree with them rather just relax with their own views and respect those who don't share it. Its like people are so annoyed i'm finding a lot out of PES 2019. Whats also helped is playing F1 2018 and GT Sport which are essentially 'arcade' compared to Automobollisa and rFactor2 but laugh at football games in terms of simulating racing.
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  11. amartingil

    amartingil League 1

    20 September 2016
    I'm in love with the demo now. I used to jump between updates and mixes of dt_18 mods like stupid bucle, playing all the modes, and never ending one of them. I played 3 PES6 ML seasons in the last months, with a lot rewarding and memorable moments.
    A few days ago, I readed a user who was talking about the demo. And then I decided to try it again. What a moment of inspiration!

    I've made a video that shows a few features that are missing or wrong in the final game:

    I going to do another compilation more longer as soon as i can. I have captured a lot of amazing details.

    I don't know what has happened with teh final relase, however i could imagine that all the changes and tweaks are related with online/My club experience.
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  12. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    LUFC O.K.

    Just a word of advice saying as how You have now dumped this in 3 threads.

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  13. amartingil

    amartingil League 1

    20 September 2016
    Ok! Sorry man.
    I only want to help the community to get a better PES.
  14. I have come back to PES this year after not being able to get into FIFA 19. I have bought them both the last 3 years after trying fifa 17

    After two years in the campaign mode on Fifa, I couldn't get the game to feel right. Much of this is down to the rubber banding they have added this year, which means that all of the pace is out of the game

    I have been playing PES 19 for the last few days, but it's too open and end to end, so I am looking at fixing it and currently learning about the different ways to do that

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