'Arsenal4life' championship patch problem

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Spudrifle, 30 April 2009.

  1. Spudrifle

    Spudrifle Non-League

    27 August 2006
    Hi I was recently advised to get arsenal4life's championship patch for pes2009 PC, I have finally got it working, version .75 I believe, although it might be .90 but anyway, all kits, badges and teams are editted to perfection, the balls are all loaded, and its just magnificant to look at, very well made, but mine crashes everytime I try and play a match, slowing my PC down epic-ly to, meaning I have to restart, any fixes or ideas why? I might add I haven't ever got a konami patch to install properly as they've all been corrupted or something, so I haven't installed any of 1.1-1.4 Konami official executables... would this effect the championship patch.
    Please help :)
    kind regards
    El Spuddo
  2. Spudrifle

    Spudrifle Non-League

    27 August 2006
    Ok, I changed Quality settings from high to medium, this allowed me to enter a match, but now as soon as a shot goes just wide, or a foul happens, i.e. as soon as pes wnats to show a replay, it crashes and asks the old 'error report' query. Please somebody help!
  3. 89JayJay

    89JayJay Banned

    20 February 2008
    Far Far Away
    Manchester United
    Did you have trouble with game crashing before any mods?
  4. Spudrifle

    Spudrifle Non-League

    27 August 2006
    No, before I installed the Championship patch it all worked perfectly, no crashes or errors in game, I've tried nullifying replays in settings but that doesn't work.. I've alwso put my display quality settings down to low.. but to no avail.
  5. arthas

    arthas Non-League

    5 May 2009
    can you gimme the link for the patch? :D
  6. Spudrifle

    Spudrifle Non-League

    27 August 2006

    Some matches work swimmingly, such as Konami Cup games, but having started a masterleague, I've noticed any replays, in the Stadium 'Dragou' or whatever it is, still eff my game up, and I get the don't send/send error report dialog again... is there a problem with the patch? perhaps some stadiums aren't compatible with replays?
    Can anybody help me?

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