Are PSP versions of PES5 and WE9 too different?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Mahler_seele, 4 December 2005.

  1. Mahler_seele

    Mahler_seele Non-League

    31 January 2004
    I just bought my PSP yesterday in order to play friendly football matches on the road.
    Where I live everyone sells WE9 for PSP for a fair price ($55). My problem with that is that it's all in japanese. But, as far as I know, there are option files that deal with this problem (I can't patch, I have GTA:LCS, which forced me to switch to firmware 2.0).
    I asked about PES5, but they said it will only arrive to stores here in about a month.

    So here's my question. Is PES5 THAT different from WE9?? Is it worth the wait? Or should I just go for the WE9:UE?

  2. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
  3. Rikas

    Rikas PES.COM.PT

    10 December 2005
    SL Benfica
    Where do you live?

    Here in Portugal PES5 PSP is for sale ;)
  4. ctruppi

    ctruppi Conference

    26 March 2003
    Quick question. Can you play games from any region on your PSP, or does the unit require modding (like a PS2) to play import games? I ask because I will be geting a PSP for Xmas and want a footy game, but have no desire for WTS or FIFA titles. Since WE9 isn't coming out here in the states until March, i was hopig I could import PES5 from Europe. Would this game be compatible with my USA PSP? Thanks!
  5. ibu2003

    ibu2003 Competition Killer

    2 August 2003
    Newcastle United
    It will work fine ctruppi... the only things region locked is the UMD movies.
  6. ctruppi

    ctruppi Conference

    26 March 2003
    Thanks ibu! Looking forward to a little PES soccer on-the-go!

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