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anyone with windows vista?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by leeds79, 22 February 2007.

  1. leeds79

    leeds79 Guest

    anyone using windows vista get loads of exe errors all the time?
  2. Deus84

    Deus84 Conference

    14 November 2005
    Here I am :) There are no "definitive" solutions. Try to replace the .exe with another one 'till the game works fine; up to now it's the only way, sorry :)
  3. rangerman

    rangerman Conference

    7 April 2003
    I installed vista last night. Didnt last long though im back on xp tonight !!!
  4. nero86

    nero86 Non-League

    8 August 2006
    You have to remove and then install kitserver after every new start of vista
  5. Mat250000

    Mat250000 League 1

    28 November 2005
    oh am i glad i just found this thread lol.I ll give that a go and see how i get on.I had the problem down to vista itself and not kitserver i ll try that now and see how i get on.
  6. Mat250000

    Mat250000 League 1

    28 November 2005
    Wow looks like this works i was gunna go back to xp but all me probs so far are solved.I ave to admit this is a lot better than having to replace the games exe everytime (which is what i was doing).

    Thx for the info
  7. Mick-S

    Mick-S League 2

    28 March 2010
    handy to know
  8. evoaddiction

    evoaddiction Non-League

    6 October 2009
    I have Vista and Kitserver. With no problems at all...
  9. pes-shorty

    pes-shorty League 2

    1 December 2009
    erm. this thread was from 07:D
  10. jammiedodger

    jammiedodger Premiership

    26 February 2009
    Me too. No problem whatsoever. I use kitserver and have played with many patchs. You don't have to install kitserver before every game at all. You must have a another issue that needs looking at.
  11. Aqua

    Aqua Banned

    26 September 2009
    maybe its happenin if u detatch it ?
    some information stays in the .exe and vista kinda fucks it up lol
  12. ThunderShock

    ThunderShock Non-League

    29 April 2010

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