Anyone tried the NEW official patch yet?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by martd, 4 December 2007.

  1. martd

    martd League 2

    10 June 2002
    Lymington, UK
    Its been reported on WENB with links for the PC version.

    Any opinions yet??
  2. jonny1leg

    jonny1leg Non-League

    23 October 2007
    Installed new patch and had my very first online game!!

    Big thumbs up:)

    Not the smoothest game but at least I've had one now :P
  3. martd

    martd League 2

    10 June 2002
    Lymington, UK
    thanks for the fast reply

    Could you not get online before then?
    What is the difference?
  4. Emanuel

    Emanuel Portuguese

    27 December 2006
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Real Madrid & Benfica
  5. martd

    martd League 2

    10 June 2002
    Lymington, UK

    You're right. Sorry!
  6. DZA187

    DZA187 Conference

    25 December 2006
    North East
    Newcastle United
    still have the lag problem, but it's not that bad. You do get your smooth moments within the game.
  7. Dukelord

    Dukelord Banned

    6 February 2007
    Don't see any big difference...I guess they worked on the online part, but I don't play online that much
  8. kavaron

    kavaron Non-League

    26 April 2006
    fixed the no save option when the game wan not installed on hard disk C:... and fixed all the problems for those who could not play a single game online due to firewall stuff etc... big improvements! but the online system sucks anyway... (no chat, stupid rooms, no 2v2)
  9. elfie

    elfie Championship

    10 November 2003
    that's right....but its wrong isnt it.

    Your supposed to have smooth moments all the time...with perhaps an occasional lag.

    I installed the patch and played a game online. Both had 3 green bars.
    Started out ok for a few mins, and then the lag kicked in again.
    Teleporting players....what a crap.

    No more online for me, unless i suddenly see lots and lots of positive comments on this website
  10. jimbo f

    jimbo f Non-League

    20 April 2007
    just installed a new router and now when i go online i keep getting cannot connect to player or something. i can play if i choose quick game but i cant choose who i want to play. any ideas guys. got the new patch aswell by the way still the same.

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