Anyone playing well at the Superstar Level?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by cadburyho, 14 November 2016.

  1. cadburyho

    cadburyho League 1

    5 March 2005
    I am finding hard to crack the defence at both the Superstar and even the top player level. Unlike previous versions, Konami has really done quite a lot for the defence. Now they defend like crazy.To those who are doing relatively well at the Superstar Level, grateful if you can share some tips on how to beat the defenders. I used to score goals by dribbling from the flanks in all previous versions. Now it is not that easy. We have to rely on high crosses to score which I must admit that the game is getting to be more realistic.
  2. Daisuk

    Daisuk Yiddo

    22 October 2002
    Oslo, Norway
    Tottenham Hotspur
    I find that counter attacking is quite effective in this game. Attack with your full backs as well but keep two midfielders at dm at all times. You need to attack quickly to get any space to move in.
  3. Final Pass

    Final Pass League 1

    23 August 2016
    Yes I am winning matches with Swansea on Master League.

    You have to really think about the tactics though and change things if they aren't working.
  4. cadburyho

    cadburyho League 1

    5 March 2005
    Swansea? You must be really good.

    I tried with MU in the Championship (did some league restructuring) and am still losing matches even at the top player level. In all other versions I used to play at the Superstar Level with a lower team and qualifying for Europe was never a problem for me. I must say PES 2017 has provided me a really good challenge. Perhaps I need to have more DMs and review my tactics.
  5. Final Pass

    Final Pass League 1

    23 August 2016
    I am not reallly good - well, not in my opinion.

    I use assisted controls too.
  6. Elja

    Elja How's it guys?

    11 October 2015
    I played superstar the past month and it made me end up not liking the game. I'm playing on full manuals and the heavy scripting ruins the game for me. I still can win matches, but the overall experience does'nt feel good because of the cpu cheating. But if you're looking for a real tough challenge without caring about the balance of the game then it's ok. For me personally, the key is patients and not rushing to attack, keep the ball and pass it around until you find a clear opening. And go easy on the sprint button, only use it when you really need it.
  7. cadburyho

    cadburyho League 1

    5 March 2005
    Eija you are spot on on the patience thing. Besides tactics and patience, I must also be careful on the team formation. As long as the team formation is above 50 I guess it is ok cos I am starting to win matches now at the Top Player level. Given time with more wins, I am sure I will revert to the Superstar level.
  8. Jimi_Zuko

    Jimi_Zuko Jimi Zuko

    20 January 2003
    team spirit is extremely important to play well on superstar i found out, as well as constantly changing between your 3 tactics, is very tough, im liverpool and have played 6 seasons so far, and postions are as follows 12th, 10th, 8th, 13th, 6th, currently 9th, i draw alot but have adjusted to playing multiple styles of football, im a player that likes to always play through the middle, but in this game i had to rewire myself to mix it up by mixing my crosses from lows to highs and using target man for that tactic too, it does work and iv been scoring more goals now than before, also bought a tall player that is extremely good at jumping and heading and use him as a tactic if nothing is working in the 60th minute, very impressive game, very very hard, reminds me of the good ol winning eleven days on 6 stars.
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  9. LandonG

    LandonG League 1

    4 November 2016
    PND, IDN
    Chelsea FC
    After 1.02 coming out the game really made my day after all these "levels" adjusted much harder than before.
    But, i'm stucking with best formation to control the game. I tried 3-4-3, 4-5-1, even 4-3-3 aren't giving my playing style to build from the mid then open the flank to mix out the CF with both wingers and mids.
    The advanced tactics are good but yeah i have to turn the strategy on and off acording the ball situation.
    It's pretty good IMO when i'm playing with real human, but BOT make me become a bad boy at the pitch.
    I gotta run the game for hours to find out the team spirit when playing ML. Tough but interesting.
  10. ramgamer

    ramgamer La Liga

    22 July 2013
    fc barcelona
    i play on top player, certainly the best balanced in this game, with right amount of challenge.

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