Anybody tried it?Player 2 buttons undefined

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by yip711, 23 October 2009.

  1. yip711

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    5 March 2008
    Hi I am a new PS3 and FIFA10 owner,I like this game at all, but I hate those bugs,and now I have a bug in my game.

    I can play Player1 vs player2 last week, also player1-4,but now when I tried to configure those buttons of player2,all buttons display as undefined,What's the problem is?But when I change the controller to player 3,it is OK!I don't know why this happen,I have heard someone this izzue was happened in FIFA09,any solutions about that?

    When I try not to configure any button to play a match, it crash!!Now I cannot play a 2vs2 game offline....It is horrible that a big and famous football game cannot play with friends.....Is anyone have this problem too?

    Sorry for my poor english....hope to see some reaction soon
  2. Payprope73

    Payprope73 Guest

    Anybody tried it Player 2 buttons undefined

    Is possible change the attributes, but is not compatible with online modality if use original db.
    You can play online ONLY with player use ur db.

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