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Any shooting tips anyone?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by topdraw10, 5 November 2006.

  1. topdraw10

    topdraw10 Guest

    Hi all after not liking the 360 version it has grown on me over the last week

    but im still struggling to score nice long range shots and also keeping the ball down whilst getting reasonable power.

    Has anyone got any tips for me

    Many thanks all!

  2. gonesurfin

    gonesurfin Non-League

    29 August 2006
    Took me a while to get the hang of long shots too bud, but ive come to realise that there is far more emphasis on ur players shot technique this year. It has a huge influence in a shot. Im finding Wayne Rooney to be pretty good for long range.
    Anyway, i seem to think there are 3 golden rules this year for long range...
    1) The ball must not be still!-Even the best players seem to just poke the ball resulting in a crappy chip.
    2) Don't be holding sprint, its okay if u use it to beat a player, but just after this take ur finger off the trigger.
    3) Always be facing the goal, sounds silly but last yr u could have henry parrelel to goal and he'd be able to pick out a peach...not this time round, even if ur players got 99 for shootin stats, ur not gunna be hitting the target unless ur aimed at the goal.

    Finally, just practice...gotta get used to the 360 shooting engine, far less press time is needed than last yrs PS2 version!
    Hope this helps!
  3. mursinho

    mursinho Non-League

    4 September 2005
    try holding th :r2: button while shooting, I suffered from this problem untill I tried this and now it's working very good.
  4. Sudden strike12

    Sudden strike12 Conference

    24 September 2003
    Thats not completely true, i scored a fantastic shot with Lampard from outside the box when he was parallel with the goal, although most of the time it will go high and wide.
  5. philter

    philter Non-League

    25 November 2005
    shot power is more sensitive this year. a very breif tap will do anywhere near the box
  6. just hold rt while shooting
  7. topdraw10

    topdraw10 Guest

    hi all thanks for your tips,

    is the right trigger really that good it says in the manual it trades power for accuracy but does this just make the shot weak?

    Also does it help to push forward or backwards on the d-pad or left stick to help keep the ball down?

    Thanks once again all

  8. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    Not sure why Konami persist in making the shooting bar faster and faster soon they will be preemting the press and you'll be blasting over the bar by thought alone........ The shot should depend on how long you press for power and where you aim the shot, as well as the position, surroundings and motion of your player, not on how damn quick you can touch a button!!
  9. miska

    miska Guest

    I've noticed that from a good balanced position you can press the shooting bar to the max, and the shot wont raise that much. Just adds lots of power. This only works from 25m+ and with good space and balance. Inside the box I just use the tap, or RB+tap :)
  10. philter

    philter Non-League

    25 November 2005
    you need a player with high shot technique and middle shhoting star to be able to hold it to full power from outside the box. scholes, lampard etc...
  11. Jess C

    Jess C Guest

    I think the emphasis on the power bar determins the power of the shot rather than the height, they tried, unsuccessfully, to impliment this on Pro Evolution Soccer 3.
  12. Sudden strike12

    Sudden strike12 Conference

    24 September 2003
    If your struggling with one on ones you can also try using the manual pass to shoot, i've only really tried it during training ... but it works.
  13. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    It's the shots that go over from 3-6 yards that get me, the player can be standing still and have the ball roll to him and no matter how quickly you tap the ball it still sails over... had it happen three times in one game, as well as putting it wide from almost impossible positions time after time.. it's script

    will give the manual pass thing a try as a lot of times when I'm one on one I can't get my player to shoot or move, he just runs or walks into the keeper, with me smashing the buttons... ;)
    Last edited: 7 November 2006
  14. Sudden strike12

    Sudden strike12 Conference

    24 September 2003
  15. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    I tend to take a good 70% of my shots using the Right Bumper (Finesse Shot) otherwise my shots always seem to baloon high and wide!

  16. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    shooting is shit this year. on one game, i missed an open goal from 5yards out. it flew over the bar. Not only this, but there was no one around him to put him off.
  17. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    lol.... ive had that happen a few times perhaps Konami Aliens did it?

  18. mjp

    mjp Premiership

    15 October 2002
    Liverpool F. C
    I've seen a lot of people complain about this on the latest version but my theory is that it's been added in deliberatley so that you get these amazing misses every now and then to add to the realism.

    Most weeks in the Prem. there's at least one of these misses (J. Jenus vs Liverpool for example) where it looks harder to miss than to score.

    I'm fine with them as I often blame myself for being over-excited when I get the chances!

    I will try the R2 (so to speak) shot today though.
  19. ronaldo10

    ronaldo10 League 1

    4 April 2005
    yes u still can score especialy from angels shooting diagonal towards the goal, make sure defenders are not pressuring u,find space & the right timing when u having a shoot on goal, but overall the shooting its still difficult, sins creating chances in this version its alot easyer, konami made the shooting more difficult to keep the scoring shit realistic, otherwise the games would have end up with crazy results like 6-4 or even worst, but in my opinion it shouldn't be like that & i know konami will change the shooting system in they next version, amen vhere is the point puting a metter bar for shooting if it doesn't work, even a little tap in front of the goal, can send the ball outside the stadium, its ok if thats happen to players with bad shooting states, but not with players like Ronaldinho, & that happen very often, if they wanted to make the scooring more difficult, they could have improve the GK & Defenders so attackers have less space & time with the ball , but not making star player shoot like an amator that is not realistic. what this game is missing the most is players like Gerard, lampard, Joninho etc... can't score from outside the box, like they did in pes4,5, where is the point to have middle ahoot star, if its no use. other then that this is the best version to date, playing against cpu its fun agen despite pes4,5 that cpu was cheating in order to score, not in this version, if they scoore its becouse is my foult, i haven't played the ML sins pes3 but now am back & i am really enjoying playing against cpu, i hope i am not the only one that feels this way about everything i wrote abov.
  20. Juulsgaard

    Juulsgaard Guest

    Not sure if i use the right :r2: I've changed my controls to have "dash" as the analogue right trigger.. so are we talking about the same button? or is it the upper right "click" shoulder button you are reffering to...

    This is a stupid question I know... but I just can't get used to the names of the x360 shoulder-buttons...
  21. astirling

    astirling League 2

    27 April 2002
    Dunfermline Athletic
    You need to use the right bumper button if you've changed the controls as you say.
  22. Juulsgaard

    Juulsgaard Guest

    ok thank you..

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