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  1. Evil Star

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    18 September 2009
    Dublin, Ireland
    Has anyone got a good Nvidia Inspector profile for PES 2013?

    I can't seem to get rid of the jaggies on the players in the team select screen. I've tried forcing 4x Sparse Grid Super Sampling (SGSSAA) and 4x MSAA in Nvidia Inspector along with SweetFX but I don't think the Inspector settings are taking as the jaggies are still there and my GPU only heats up 1 degree to 41°C on load.

    I've applied it to pes2013 original exe and then to Jenkeys exe and the AA still looks like crap as only SweetFX seems to work as the colours are more vibrant. It's really starting to annoy me:RANT:

    What AA bits are other Nvidia users using?

    Here's an example with Obertan(his big alien head shows the jaggie problem)
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  2. MadbaLL

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    11 February 2008
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    Inter Milan
    i don't think AA works with pes.

    maybe next year :)

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