another iss tournie in glasgow west end

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by JohnnyRobo, 2 December 2005.

  1. JohnnyRobo

    JohnnyRobo Guest

    hi again guys just to let you's know that there's gonna be another tournie next week on wed 7th of december at 7 pm. i want it to kick off at 7 so if any1's coming i'd like you's to be there at 6:30 so i can arrange the leagues.
    it'll be leagues and then top 1 or 2 from each group depending on how many people turn up. then quarter finals, semi's and the final.
    again there will be 3 PS2's 2 T.V's and a projector aswell.
    hope to see you's there. i'll take a vote as to wether it'll be national or club. it was club last week.
    the entry fee is £2 and the winner takes all and the bar doubles it.
    it's in the partick snooker club on byres road, it's down on the dumbarton road end accross from bar milano.
    see you's there hopefully,
  2. stuartyd

    stuartyd Premiership

    11 October 2004
    how many turned up last time?
  3. JohnnyRobo

    JohnnyRobo Guest

    there was 10 last time so winner took £40 home but they said they'd bring some mates next time. fancy it?
  4. JohnnyRobo

    JohnnyRobo Guest

    sorry guys it's cancelled this week
  5. Thommo

    Thommo Guest

    When is the next one? Me and 3 mates are up for it.

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